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Sunday, 7 September 2008

While the cat's away

Gavin's been gone for three days, and I've been using the freed-up time to meet up with people, go out with housemates, and mope in my room. Mostly that last one. It's been a fairly good weekend, except for a very dramatic night last night in which I was extremely irrational and angry and frightened - never a good combination. Long story short, I was just worried about Gav because he was having an allergic reaction.

Friday night was vastly superior: I was hanging out with friends, kicked everyone's asses at Wii bowling, met someone new, discovered White Russians (which are now tied first with Baileys for best alcoholic drink ever), and wore my sexy shoes for no readily explainable reason.

Interesting thing of the day: a facemaker. I adore this thing, I have endless fun with it. Just search for faces by Thiefree to see what I've been up to with it!


  1. Just been reating characters from my books on your facemaker. It is wonderful to see them in "real life" for the first time.

  2. It's amazing for that isn't it! It'll never be perfect, especially given the shortage of female hairstyles, but it helps concrete the image in your mind. So when the film of the book inevitably gets made you'll have something to help with the casting process.


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