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Thursday, 26 January 2006


AAAAAAAAARRGH! Aaaargh! Ahahahaaaaaaaaargh... argh sorry, it just slipped out... there are some things David Hasselhof was NOT meant to do. Don't click on that link.

So, what am I thinking riiight now?

I could tell you about what's happened in my life, but as I am the only person who ever reads this damn thing, I'm going to record my thoughts instead.

1. Magical Trevor 3 is amazing. Go to and see it. Now.

2. I'm so glad I'm not a male. That would really be A Bad Thing, and I don't know how all you males out there cope with it.

3. I hate being a woman. This lands me in a rather tricky situation. I get aggressive when people call me feminine, I get upset when people call me masculine, and I got very angry indeed when I got called a man-bashing feminist. I am not a girly girl, I am not a tomboy, I am what I am not but not what I would be if I were what I am when I'm not what I'm not.

4. I think I feel a song coming on...

5. is by far the best blog I have ever encountered. In fact, if you trust me at all, go there instead of finishing this one. This applies to me as well.

6. I am looking at weblog awards and feeling inadequate. But I am alternating that with toons, so I feel ok again!

7. Now I'm looking at other blogs and feeling confused. There appears to be no universal definition of a blog. Some contain online diaries, which (let's be honest) is kinda what I was going for. Some are just pleasant little rambles about whatever happens to be on the blogger's mind. Others comment on news, political or celebrity. There are blogs dedicated to fictional characters, films, television shows. Why?

8. I should be doing useful things right now. Specifically, I should be emptying the dishwasher for my mother before she gets back, because I said I would. Or I could be doing coursework, I said I'd do that too. Actually I didn't, but you know how teachers are, they kinda take it as read. Or I could get food. I haven't had lunch yet. Awww...

9. I'm going to empty the dishwasher now. Bye.