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Monday, 8 May 2006

My plans for the future (Yes! I have some!)

I am such a lucky, lucky girl.

At the last Catalyst I went to, Ian hunted me down and said we needed to talk. After going through the customary mental routine ("Help. Help. What have I done? Am I being kicked out? WHAT DID I DO?!") it turned out that he wanted to talk to me about a gap year thing the YFC guys have been thinking about. [1] And they wanted ME!!! Excitement!!! SO things that will be happening next year: (probably)

Moving to Newport (thus leaving home for the first time)
Learning to drive (the use of a company car included! lol)
Living with a Christian family (no idea who yet, scary...)
Assemblies with middle school kids (who are all evil, I swear)
Catalyst / clusters related stuff (so possibly public speaking!)

The thing is, I am immediately panicking about so many things... for example: what if the other kids don't like me? [2]

That said, I'm dead excited and very proud. Wish me luck / pray for me!

[1] YFC = Youth For Christ. They're the main Christian organisation for teenagers on the Isle of Wight. They organise events like Catalyst, Bible study groups, trips to Soul Survivor... and other regular doses of Godly goodness.

[2] And by 'other kids', I mean the YFC guys, the girl(s) I would be working with, and the actual kids I'll be actually leading. Terrifying beyond all reason.