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Wednesday, 29 June 2005

In which there is a fire, wasted lessons, and a reversion to childhood.

Yesterday was manic. Absolutely bizarre. I only ever have two lessons on Tuesdays, but one of my Theology teachers wasn't in (ill still) so it was just the one. On my way to R block, I smelled smoke down west corridor. Nobody was making any fuss, so I didn't think too much of it and just continued to my lesson. Five minutes later the alarm went off, and we had to evacuate the school. Ergo no lessons for me (sob... not).

Crazy though; it was arson in the boy's loos. Because lightning hit the school last Friday, we had no phone communication, no fire alarm, and no CCTV. So we couldn't alert the pupils or the fire peeps, and we can't see who did it! What a fiasco; our headteacher is in pretty deep with this. It was nice though, spending the one hour I should have been working lying on the field with my friends... with a gentle summer breeze... perfect!

Today was mildly tamer... at first! Theatre Studies was - as always - fantastic. Then things got silly. In G4 at lunchtime, most people had gone down to the park as they had the afternoon off, but a select few - myself included - stayed behind. Ellie found some crayons - proper wax crayons - and we droo sum pikshas. It was great! We did a zooo, and a serkiss wiv clowns juglin, and a house wiv birds and trees and a pink cat, and a sky piksha, and I did a piksha of Muykle. I blame the Millions. Little sugar pixies, all artificial colourings and flavourings and additives. Giggle... nothing like a sugar high to pass lunchtime well, is there! We've pinned them all up on the wall, but the Humpty Dumpty one is upside-down. Which possibly explains why he fell off, at least.

Sociology was cool; both our teachers for that subject have given up on getting us to work, so I just taught people how to do those Scoubidou things. It was great! I had Adam, Kate, Dan, Tasha and Mrs. Reynolds all learning at various points. Well, it's that or work, isn't it...

Roll on tomorrow, says I... I need sleep! It's ridiculous. A couple of days ago I fell asleep on my bedroom floor when I stopped to pray. That's bad, and all entirely my fault, because I've been reading instead of sleeping. Since it's a Theatre Studies book I've been reading, it's technically Rob and Liz's fault. Oh well; I've finished it now. Sleep time... later. After BB.

Not that I watch BB, you understand. Ohhh nooooo. Rubbish. Me? Hah! No.