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Monday, 28 May 2007

I am pleased with you

Ok, so I thought I'd post again just to give you wonderful crazies who read my blog somewhere else to natter! By the way, you're all so truly awesome I can't even express it in words, so instead here is a picture.

That is for being good readers.

I've spent most of today in Guildford visiting my new baby cousin Josie, she's adorable and I'll get a photo up soon. Yay.

I was talking to Dave on the phone earlier, and right before I hung up I said "I'll see you tomorrow."

I'll see you tomorrow.

"I'll see you tomorrow"...


Saturday, 26 May 2007

Unwanted recognition

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 today. That is not, in my eyes, the most interesting thing that happened. I got the CDs I sent the money off for two months ago, but that's not the most interesting thing either. I bought a present for someone at an insanely reduced price, but that's not it either.

The most interesting, embarrassing thing that happened to me today was when I was paying for the aforementioned gift. I was with my mum, my brother and my little sister. The guy behind the till, (pretty attractive, blond hair, nice eyes) looked up at me as he was handing the card back and said

"You are the one who was on Small Talk, aren't you?"

Many of you know that I blush quite easily. Well it was a prize-winner this time, I looked down and silently died while my brother and mum laughed. (Esther would have only been a baby at the time so she was a bit bemused by it all.)

I got out of there fairly quickly, extremely distressed and laughing at myself, before having the presence of mind to actually talk to the poor guy. I thought he looked like Sean, a kid I went to primary school with, and the receipt confirmed that.

I don't talk about my brief brush with fame, mostly because my 8-year-old self was an idiot, and having that idiocy broadcast to the nation isn't much to be proud of.

But yes. Here, on my blog, where I am loved and accepted by all three of my regular readers, I am finally coming clean: I was on TV once. And I am not ashamed.

Well, I am slightly ashamed. Just don't tell people, yeah?

Friday, 25 May 2007

Various people and other such miscellany

Oh, I don't know what to say, I don't know what to say! I could tell you not much has been going on, really, but that's blatantly not true. They're just all very mini-subjects.

So! Things I am thinking about, in no particular order.

1) I'm meeting Dave ON TUESDAY

2) I'm meeting Tony, going to London, meeting Hobbit, watching the beatboxing championships, sleeping there on the 8TH JUNE

3) Last night my suspicions were confirmed, a rather friendly guy told me that the reason he was talking to me is that he's been going through one heck of a dry patch, and when he asked James to be introduced to some new people, our helpful mutual friend pointed him my way. Thanks, James.
(No, actually it's ok, he's a lovely guy and we've had some interesting conversations. It's a weird one though, going to the pub with no intention of sleeping with ANY of them. Confusing or what!)

4) I got lovely hugs from lovely somebodies! Drunk guys give awesome hugs, I'm very sorry that this is the case, but it is. And they seem impressed by my hugs too, you know girls usually do quite pathetic hugs? Like they're afraid they're going to snap? My female friends, I love you, but you must work on that. Seriously.

5) I've just spent too much time doing some insane google-sleuthing to find out who drew a random picture. On the plus side I've educated myself in the process, I now know the difference between Jean Grey, Phoenix, Dark Phoenix and Madelyne Pryor; not to mention the plots involving all of them, the names of many of Marvel's comic artists, and so on and so forth. Heck, it might come in handy if I ever need to impress a comic geek (which between Northern Tom and Adam is a very real possibility).

6) Yes, Northern Tom. Toms have adjectives here. When I used to hang out with Jamez (with a Z) he was always telling me about his adventures with Small Tom, Tall Tom, Big Tom, Medium-sized Tom (seriously), I think there was a Welsh Tom too... maybe Northern Tom was one of them.

7) K that's all thanks bye!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Innocent whistling

As I saunter embarrassedly back on to my blog, hoping nobody minds my two-week absence terribly (c'mon, forgive me, you know you want to!), I can't help but marvel at how much has happened.

If only I could remember some of it.

Ah! Dave has given birth, or his wife has if you want to be picky about it. Welcome to the world, Seth!

Jamez is pregnant - his girlfriend, must I spell it out every time? - but the baby was moving too much for the scan to show the gender, so that'll be a lovely surprise for them. Well, not too much of a surprise probably. It's not as if they'll be saying "A what?! A boy?! What the heck... sorry, I think I need to sit down." No. There are only two main options, neither terribly surprising.

Things are going rather splendidly on the old religion front, woo for that. I've spent most of the evening with my good buddy Dominique praying and talking and reading the Bible and whatnot, and we're both feeling rather positive about everything. We're both very much looking forward to Lucy coming back from Africa, but I'm terrified what she'll think of what's happened in her absence...

We have a team from India working with us at YFC this week. Despite my self-esteem crash when they turned up on Monday, they actually turned out to be very lovely girls indeed. Girls and boy.

One of my readers is sad. This is very unfortunate. I'm praying for you, sweetie, and I hope you and him sort things out as quickly as is divinely possible.

You know, I ordered some CDs from Jay Foreman two months ago and they still haven't turned up? Slacker. Granted, he's not in the country, but really. It's just not good customer service.

I'm reading a book called Slick by Daniel Price, about the people who manipulate the media (not just adverts - all the media, news included). Very enlightening stuff, although my already-low BS limit has been strengthened once again - I can't stand to watch adverts at the moment, they're all so utterly transparent. Yes, this product will get me sex, I believe you.

I should be asleep, we're setting up for Catalyst Vibe in the morning (which I had forgotten). Should be a good one.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Aww... it happened again...

Every time. Every damn time. *sigh*

Open Mic Night last night was good, as always, with the added bonus of free pop-up hats from the bar - mine is a lime-green cowboy hat. How can you not love that?! But the reason I'm frustrated with myself is that I suddenly missed CQ, which led me to his MySpace page, which led me to listen to Calliope again, which led to me playing it again. And again. AND AGAIN. Last time this happened, I racked up a fair few plays before I dragged myself away from it... I just love this song so much!! Out of the 1050 plays it's had, I reckon about half of them are me, no exaggeration. I looooove it.

Listen to it because it is awesome.

I've been writing so much poetry lately, in a desperate attempt to find something I could read out in public without being ashamed of myself. I'll keep you posted.

Soooo... how is everyone?

Thursday, 3 May 2007

I'm such a girl!

I've been fighting it for years, but it seems some traces of femininity escaped the purge.

I went to a charity fashion show last night. It was all for a good cause, St. Luke's Leprosarium, and after the catwalky bit (my friend Amy was a model, and very gorgeous she is too), we were let loose to buy designer clothes at half price. It must have gone to my head. I was very good, I must say, I only bought two things:

A floaty, yellow, slightly translucent skirt that reminds me of a daffodil,

And a dress... yeah, I bought a dress. A little black one. A little black fairly revealing one.

I wore the skirt today, loving it, even if I have to remember not to stand in front of bright lights. Then I wore the dress over jeans to go to Dominique's, which in retrospect was a mistake because we usually lie down on a double bed / floor sofa thing in the living room to talk, and this dress was not designed for horizontal wearing (things don't stay where they're put, if you see what I mean) but I still love it.

So, yes, I am now apparently female. Hooray for me.