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Friday, 4 May 2007

Aww... it happened again...

Every time. Every damn time. *sigh*

Open Mic Night last night was good, as always, with the added bonus of free pop-up hats from the bar - mine is a lime-green cowboy hat. How can you not love that?! But the reason I'm frustrated with myself is that I suddenly missed CQ, which led me to his MySpace page, which led me to listen to Calliope again, which led to me playing it again. And again. AND AGAIN. Last time this happened, I racked up a fair few plays before I dragged myself away from it... I just love this song so much!! Out of the 1050 plays it's had, I reckon about half of them are me, no exaggeration. I looooove it.

Listen to it because it is awesome.

I've been writing so much poetry lately, in a desperate attempt to find something I could read out in public without being ashamed of myself. I'll keep you posted.

Soooo... how is everyone?


  1. *can’t stop playing that song*

    ‘ello Anna >_< I’m on top of the world, There’s only one thing that could possibly make me happier and I’m working on it ^__^ *waves and walks off*

  2. Gahhh, I must know!! lol you better be coming tonight

  3. Yeah I think I might.....wasn’t sure it’d be on today being a bank holiday and all, I’ll see you around 7.30ish *nods* =)

  4. aaannnnnnnaaaa 8 days without posting? I'm ashamed of you :P I need my daily dose of procrastination, in amongst msn,facebook and sleep...

  5. My gosh, you're right that is appalling. I'm a very busy lady, apparently, but I'll try and bash out some more nonsense for your good self! x x


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