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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Innocent whistling

As I saunter embarrassedly back on to my blog, hoping nobody minds my two-week absence terribly (c'mon, forgive me, you know you want to!), I can't help but marvel at how much has happened.

If only I could remember some of it.

Ah! Dave has given birth, or his wife has if you want to be picky about it. Welcome to the world, Seth!

Jamez is pregnant - his girlfriend, must I spell it out every time? - but the baby was moving too much for the scan to show the gender, so that'll be a lovely surprise for them. Well, not too much of a surprise probably. It's not as if they'll be saying "A what?! A boy?! What the heck... sorry, I think I need to sit down." No. There are only two main options, neither terribly surprising.

Things are going rather splendidly on the old religion front, woo for that. I've spent most of the evening with my good buddy Dominique praying and talking and reading the Bible and whatnot, and we're both feeling rather positive about everything. We're both very much looking forward to Lucy coming back from Africa, but I'm terrified what she'll think of what's happened in her absence...

We have a team from India working with us at YFC this week. Despite my self-esteem crash when they turned up on Monday, they actually turned out to be very lovely girls indeed. Girls and boy.

One of my readers is sad. This is very unfortunate. I'm praying for you, sweetie, and I hope you and him sort things out as quickly as is divinely possible.

You know, I ordered some CDs from Jay Foreman two months ago and they still haven't turned up? Slacker. Granted, he's not in the country, but really. It's just not good customer service.

I'm reading a book called Slick by Daniel Price, about the people who manipulate the media (not just adverts - all the media, news included). Very enlightening stuff, although my already-low BS limit has been strengthened once again - I can't stand to watch adverts at the moment, they're all so utterly transparent. Yes, this product will get me sex, I believe you.

I should be asleep, we're setting up for Catalyst Vibe in the morning (which I had forgotten). Should be a good one.


  1. i was determined to post a comment being mad at you for not posting for 2 weeks but it was a very nice long blog so you are forgiven!
    glad the faith stuff is going well :) aw babies are cute so thats cool too!
    keep having fun and hopefully i will be seeing you over half term possibly! xxxxxxx

  2. anna anna anna! not that i'm excited or anything.....but guess who's on the CU committee next year!! *runs around in hysterics*

    Its made up of me and one of my future housemates, plus my own lovely matt and his future housemate the equally lovely joe! its so cool! *runs around in hysteric again*

    And highly scary- i'll have to organise a christmas banquet! *collapses*

  3. Jenny, Jenny Jenny.

    I Need To Talk To You.


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