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Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Cliff, here I come.

No, I'm not declaring my intentions for everyone's favourite long-term pop legend. I have an English presentation for tomorrow, so I drew this helpful diagram to illustrate my further course of action.

Lovely. That's me, see, and that's the cliff. It wouldn't be that bad, but my teacher reminded me to do it today because she's being supervised tomorrow. So I was very helpful and reassuring and said of course I'd do it when I got home and then I couldn't remember what I said I'd do. And I hadn't written it down. But I googled till I couldn't google no more, and I eventually remembered what I was doing. But I can't find anything about it. So instead, I'm writing this which is useless but may just entertain you.

Also, I recently had my hair cut by some top London people. (For free as one is my aunt. Heehee) I'll put a photo up soon. (Promise.)

If you actually read this, look after yourself, ok? x x

Saturday, 3 September 2005

Apologies, and a whistle-stop tour.

Argh... it's been ages since I last updated. I'll compensate by not going over anything in very much detail.

Soul Survivor, just so you know, was incredible. 11,000 Christians leaping about like mad things; definitely a recommended way to spend your summer.

Then... I met a homeless girl called Sarah, very lovely person. Sweet dog too.

Then... other stuff happened... in America... oh I don't know, it's all too much for me. I really can't be bothered right now. Or at any other time. Think about it; the only times I write in my blog is when I'm bored, i.e., when there's nothing to write about.

Anyway, peace out my groovy cats and I'll see you all never. Unless... y'know, I know you or something. Or you're a Christian, in which case save me a cloud. x x