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Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Cliff, here I come.

No, I'm not declaring my intentions for everyone's favourite long-term pop legend. I have an English presentation for tomorrow, so I drew this helpful diagram to illustrate my further course of action.

Lovely. That's me, see, and that's the cliff. It wouldn't be that bad, but my teacher reminded me to do it today because she's being supervised tomorrow. So I was very helpful and reassuring and said of course I'd do it when I got home and then I couldn't remember what I said I'd do. And I hadn't written it down. But I googled till I couldn't google no more, and I eventually remembered what I was doing. But I can't find anything about it. So instead, I'm writing this which is useless but may just entertain you.

Also, I recently had my hair cut by some top London people. (For free as one is my aunt. Heehee) I'll put a photo up soon. (Promise.)

If you actually read this, look after yourself, ok? x x


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  2. That was slightly entertaining. Much better than the all the notes on my blog that contain numerous page links that I could give a woop about.
    happy googling!

  3. Thankyou very much! Oh dear... well, I survived, eh?

  4. Lol. I went back in time briefly and I found this illustration. I love how you're able to convey such emotion on a stick figure! *sigh* So funny.

  5. This is just how I am with my blogs (going back in time and talking to the old me), I never thought about it until you mentioned it though.


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