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Sunday, 11 December 2005

Last night, my pulling top, pizza and wine.

So, I went to my mate's 18th birthday celebration last night. I was very nervous - it's the first time I wore my corset out in public! - but it was a great laugh and we all had a fantastic time. I was wearing my mum's hoodie, jokingly referred to as my 'pulling top' because I always get some interest when I wear it. I've only been allowed to borrow it twice, but both times...

So, this time I wore it, I got on the bus for free (thankyou driver man), and got a big smile off a very cute guy indeed (who then pointed me out to his mate). Most happymaking. :D

We went to Pizza Express. Excellent service and food; the wine was nice too although I'm not that keen on wine. Not really keen on alcoholic drinks in general, actually... except Baileys. Of course.

The guys went on to Chicago Rock - although apparently they didn't get in - and I went home. A lot of fun.

Saturday, 10 December 2005

Guilt is a short-lived creature...

... and yet laziness endures. Something for you to think about. Seriously, though, it would really encourage me to get more comments from any potential readers, since I feel like I'm blogging into the void at the moment. Almost all my comments are spam so far!

Another reason I haven't been updating much is the sheer manicness of my life right now. There's homework, coursework, university applications, birthdays, Christmas, not to mention trying to put off doing all of the above (which probably takes up the most time of all of them.)

Hey, good news on the mormon though, he's getting on really well with a friend I introduced him to. See, this is the benefit of making sure all your friends know all your other friends - nobody depends on me to make conversation! I am not needed! Yay! Wait, is that a good thing though? So, yeah, I've been hideously confused about that. I have no bestest best friend, but lots of very good friends. Which is great. But it does mean that if they make bestest best friends with each other, I'm left in the corner sulking. Or at least, I was. Then I thought "They won't talk to me if I sulk", so I've been working on being lovely and friendly.

I'm still a little baffled than anyone would want to read about all this, to be honest. I can understand my neuroses being dissected for a psychology class, I guess, but for amusement?

Oh, hey, amusement it is. Two men were walking through a graveyard. One said, "Morning." and the other one replied "Nah, I'm just walking my dog." Cue hilarity. I can say jokes, saying them is easy - very few jokes work better written down.

I'm going to a friend's birthday bash tonight, and I bought a corset for it. I've always wanted one, and now that they're 'in' I can actually get hold of one. They didn't have a size 12 so I'm wearing a 14 and hoping the thing stays up by willpower! It seems to expect there to be a lot more of me in certain places, which I don't get since I'm not overly lacking there anyway. Wish me luck for tonight.

Things to think about:
I have never seen a baby pigeon. Have you? What do they look like? Where do they go?

And remember, if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.

Saturday, 29 October 2005

Which is about cliff-climbing, a mormon, a bouncy castle and THUD.

So, yet again I decide to update my hideously irregular blog, for no reason other than guilt. Also, I feel I have something worth saying.
I climbed a cliff the other day. Now, I didn't know there was a cliff in Newport, but apparently there is and we climbed it. I volunteered to go on an adventure with some friends, and the next thing I knew I was dodging chalky rockslides while clinging onto dead branches. I was scared, but that's because I'm pathetic. And there was barbed wire, and a sludgy quarry, and dense bracken and all sorts. I have an impressive array of scratches and bruises; I tell people that my boyfriend beats me. (I'm kidding.) Perhaps, in retrospect, I shouldn't have worn my high-heeled boots.
Well, I didn't know it was going to happen, did I!
The next day, I went on a date with a Mormon I met on a bouncy castle.
No, I'm not kidding.
I met him at a mutual friend's 18th, and there was a bouncy castle. He seemed nice, we agreed to meet up again, etc. He seems nice enough, but I'm just 'not in a very girlfriendy place right now'.
Then I met the family, got a belated birthday present - THUD! - and played silly games.
I love Thud. I've already read it, I got it last night and haven't done anything constructive all day. About 460 pages in roughly 4 and a half hours. Not bad going! I love it, it's a Discworld book by Terry Pratchett who is just the coolest author ever. Better than Post Office, probably not as good as Night Watch, we'll see. I love the Watch books. If you don't know anything about Discworld, feel free to use my opinion to muscle in on dinner party conversations; everyone will agree because I am right. Naturally.
So until next time, beloved yet sadly non-existent readers, adieu.

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Cliff, here I come.

No, I'm not declaring my intentions for everyone's favourite long-term pop legend. I have an English presentation for tomorrow, so I drew this helpful diagram to illustrate my further course of action.

Lovely. That's me, see, and that's the cliff. It wouldn't be that bad, but my teacher reminded me to do it today because she's being supervised tomorrow. So I was very helpful and reassuring and said of course I'd do it when I got home and then I couldn't remember what I said I'd do. And I hadn't written it down. But I googled till I couldn't google no more, and I eventually remembered what I was doing. But I can't find anything about it. So instead, I'm writing this which is useless but may just entertain you.

Also, I recently had my hair cut by some top London people. (For free as one is my aunt. Heehee) I'll put a photo up soon. (Promise.)

If you actually read this, look after yourself, ok? x x

Saturday, 3 September 2005

Apologies, and a whistle-stop tour.

Argh... it's been ages since I last updated. I'll compensate by not going over anything in very much detail.

Soul Survivor, just so you know, was incredible. 11,000 Christians leaping about like mad things; definitely a recommended way to spend your summer.

Then... I met a homeless girl called Sarah, very lovely person. Sweet dog too.

Then... other stuff happened... in America... oh I don't know, it's all too much for me. I really can't be bothered right now. Or at any other time. Think about it; the only times I write in my blog is when I'm bored, i.e., when there's nothing to write about.

Anyway, peace out my groovy cats and I'll see you all never. Unless... y'know, I know you or something. Or you're a Christian, in which case save me a cloud. x x

Monday, 15 August 2005

About preparation.

Today I have successfully done... eh... very little, actually. Half-heartedly preparing for Soul Survivor, mostly, if only because it's the only thing that actually distracts me from the fact that (I’m getting my AS results in 3 days. Shhh) but don’t tell me that or I’ll panic. Instead I’ll look forwards to leaving at insane-o’clock on the 20th! Hopefully that way (results day) will come as a surprise.
So I’ve bought some disposable cameras. Oh, everybody’s going to love me! At half-seven on the coach, I’ll be singing, laughing, and taking flash-photos of everyone while they’re trying to sleep. Brilliant! “There are a million green bottles, hanging on the wall…”

Oh, by the way, please leave a comment, if by some miracle you actually read this. Only I haven’t actually had any comments yet.

Also, go to because Danny Wallace is fantastic. And read his books, or else. Join Me is brilliant; so is Yes Man. I bought Yes Man a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve lent it to Naomi since then - she loved it. I loved it. Join Me: loved that too. So did she. So would Mum if she read the copy I gave her for mother’s day, I’m sure. And he’s a lovely bloke, too.
I’m bored now. I can’t think of anything interesting to write. This is why I don’t update my blog often; on the rare occasions I have had an interesting day, I can’t be bothered / don’t have the time / am too tired to write an entry. So on days like today, when I’ve got plenty of time to write, its because I don’t have anything to write about. It’s an inverse proportion thing that we should all think about.

Sunday, 14 August 2005

Which has no subjects or useful content.

Gave my sister a book for her birthday: Bram Stoker's Dracula. Wrapped it in this cover... just for giggles. I made it on Arcsoft. Teehee. It was most humorous; she asked if it was real and looked confused. Giggle. I had the most gorgeous dream. Newport was bathed in golden light; it was sunset but there weren't any shadows from buildings. It was breath-taking; and for some reason I've been really anticipating something ever since.

Maybe because it's Soul Survivor in... 6 days! Yay! But maybe not. I don't know. I'm looking forward to that loads; it's going to be great to see everyone again. I will make a very detailed diary account of it. You may even get to see it, I don't know.

Have been playing with my mum's camera. Got this cool contrasty photo of self. Teehee, my profile photo is only half of my head. It was genuinely the best photo I could get! Though this one is quite dramatic:

Anyway, hopefully I'll update soon Not that there's much point. Nobody comments, or even reads this... brain the size of a planet... *marvin moment*

Tata, darlings. x x

Friday, 22 July 2005

A rant.

Can you believe what happened yesterday?! Can you believe they tried the SAME DAMN THING again?! Dear terrorists, you've tried it, you've failed, now bugger off.

Sorry for the language, I'm usually quite good with that sort of thing, but this is a unique situation. My sister's up there. I realise that shouldn't affect how I feel about it, but it does.

I feel so sorry for the people who think that the only way they can get their god's love is by blowing themselves up. I'm struggling to feel sorry for them, to be honest, but it's not fair to dehumanise them. I f I don't understand them as humans, I can't accuse them of anything. It would be like accusing a rock that fell on someone's head. No, these are humans with family and feelings and reasons for what they did, but understand this. Those reasons are NOT GOOD ENOUGH and what they have done is... I'm tempted to say unforgiveable. I won't, though. Sigh. I'm confused.

I'd even forgotten about it the past few days. I've been having fun. School's out, I've been spending time with my friends, playing stupid games, and generally getting on with life. It's not been that easy for the people who were more closely affected by things, though. Some people won't be able to ignore it for a long time.

And now they've tried the same damn thing two weeks after the first attack. But it didn't work, did it. Hah. Now bugger off.

Sunday, 10 July 2005

Which is about bombs, Guildford and two chance encounters.

As you are all no doubt aware, Thursday saw some scary stuff. Four bombs; three on the underground and one on the no. 30 bus. I heard all this when I was at school, and it terrified me; my sister works there. So I got home as quickly as possible, praying like crazy that she would be ok. I got in to find a message on the answerphone, "Don't worry, I'm fine..." I missed the rest, I was just so relieved to hear those words. "I'm fine"; thank God. Then mum came in the door telling me that my sister and my aunt were both ok. It's near enough to a miracle; my sister was ill that morning, otherwise she might have been there. It's a scary thought. And my aunt, Sarah, goes that way most days; about one day a fortnight she doesn't take that route, and thank God that was Thursday. That left me pretty rattled. I still can't believe it. Most importantly, I can't think of who did it. I'm treating it in my mind like a natural disaster, like the tsunami; something you can't hate and can't get angry at. I just can't begin to understand people doing this; it doesn't make sense.

Friday was interesting too. I was going to go midnight shopping, but it never happened; instead we just hung around outside Bogeys talking to people and trying to make decisions. I mentioned my stress the previous day over my sister, and the guy I was talking to (Rob) said "Who, Naomi?" I said "Yeah, ... hang on..." and then I said the words I've said so many times: "How do you know my sister?" Turns out they knew each other at school, and worked together on Romeo and Juliet. I remember seeing that; he was Parras. I was 13 at the time. Dude, that's trippy.

Saturday, we went to Guildford. Hoorah! Sunny and exotic Guildford! That's what I always call it when other people are talking about what Caribbean islands they've been to. They think I'm kidding. But seriously, once again the weather was utterly perfect for us, sunshine all weekend. Anyway, we were there for my aunt's (Rebecca this time) birthday party. It was brilliant! We played an embarrasing game called musical newspaper, which is great fun. When the music stops you have to stand on scraps of newspaper that get smaller each time... it's difficult to remain aloof when you're clinging on to a random stranger's waist for support. And the music
was brilliant; we were dancing for hours, utterly crazy stuff. And our new uncle Hugh (11 months now, but he's still the newest one we've got) was breakdancing truly brilliantly. I swear, I still don't know how it's physically possible to jump in slow motion, but he did it. And he sang to Rebecca. Ahhhhhh.

The next day is today; we went to their church (which I nearly fell asleep in repeatedly), then it was a few more hours at Rebs and Hugh's place, then we went home. Oh, and I told Naomi about Rob. She told me... some stuff... and to say hi. On the ferry home, my imagination was doing the strange. I was doing "what-ifs" in my head, including what if Matt was on this boat? I knew he was coming back to the island any day now. But that was a one in a hundred chance, so I didn't pursue that too far.

Then I saw somebody who looked like Matt's brother Jonathan. My train of thought went as follows:
Hey, he looks like Jonathan.
What would he be doing here? Can't be.
That looks like Mr. Reading.
And that, as far as I can remember, looks like their mum.It's definitely them.Therefore, that is the back of Matt's head.
Help. What do I do?!

I have heard that "what-ifs" are meant to prepare us for stuff that might happen, but it all seemed a bit far-fetched. Well, there ya go. It was nice to have a quick chat with him, anyway.

But anyway, I have been in so many situations like that that just make the world feel so tiny. Everybody knows everybody else! I can't meet one random person (i.e. Rob) without there being at least one connection to somebody else I know.I should be used to it by now, really.

Also, I can't believe I fancy a guy who was in school with my sister and has a kid.

TODAY'S WISDOM: The problem nowadays is that if you tell somebody that television rots their brain, they'll say "You know, you're right!" and then they'll change the channel.

Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Which tells of mental confusion, social division, and my impending marriage to a celebrity.

What a crazy few days. Aside from all the craziness that's been happening inside my head, there's been a few interesting things happening outside of it too.

London have got the Olympics in 2012 - by which time I'll be 24. Scary much?!

I hope the G8 summit went/is going well (I'm not too sure how thing are chronologically.)

I've bought the DVD of Long Way Round, the motorbike adventure with Ewan McGregor (who, by the way, I'm going to marry when I invent time travel) and Ewan McGregor's mate (Charlie Boorman). Ewan seems genuinely lovely and funny and interesting - and cute - so yeah, I'm going to marry him. Alright so he's rich and famous, but you can't have everything can you.

I was talking about the craziness inside my head. I have no clue what's going on in there! It's all scary and confusing. I kind of think it's male-related, though which one and why I'm not sure. It could be one of any number of blokes - or, indeed, all of them. I'll get back to you.

Hey, look, I'm blonde. Sorry, I'm not used to it. I've always been semi-blonde and occasionally (like when I wear black or purple) I realise how blondish it actually is. Sorry. Ok. Hair-related rant over.

Things at school are mucho confusing. There are social problems, divisions, petty rivalries... we're usually a good bunch with that sort of thing but it's all gone a little bit funny. I think a few people blame Big Brother. We watch the stupid arguments, then re-enact them ourselves; it's ridiculous. I hope it's sorted by the holidays, otherwise only some will be invited to various parties over the summer and it'll make things worse... dire predictions, maybe, but probably right.

I'm always right, it's sickening. Every time I make a prediction - usually under the label of 'worst case scenario' - it happens. That's why pessimists are always so depressed, they know they're right!

I cannot summon the enthusiasm for school at the moment. We've done our exams, please let us go! It's not fair. Most people have time off after exams, we just roll right on to A2.

I am in stupid need of a boyfriend. However I am aware that getting one 'just because' is incredibly stupid, so I won't be doing that. Instead I am going to sit in my room thinking "How sad is it that I've never had a boyfriend?" while at the same time feeling slightly smug that I'm not codependant. Sigh...

Saturday, 2 July 2005

In which there is a social division, some socialising, a Martian invasion and hope for the future.

Hey ho. Has been rather bizarre couple of days.

Friday was odd; the group split because one person fancied moving rooms. It all happened so quickly. One moment the gang was all in G4, the next almost everybody had moved to G3 and was wondering why I hadn't! They kept stealing stuff from our room as well, even the clock which I bought for G4. Hmmmm. Is big problem, as now can't decide which room to go to on Monday.

Played ping-pong (sorry - table tennis) at BYG, which was very fun, though still not as good as badminton. I kept hitting the darn thing too hard. Those crazy balls bounce of the walls three times before even hitting the floor when you give them a proper whack.

Then went midnight shopping (weekly tradition at Tescos)- almost. We went to pick up Jamez but he was working, so we played crazy golf instead. I did ok. Then Jamez went somewhere else so Andrew pretty much took me home. I've seen Jamez for all of ten minutes over the past two weeks! I like his friends - especially Rob. He seems really nice, I've seen him for all of ten minutes as well.

Today was better; we saw War of the Worlds at the cinema. I found it insanely scary. Can't believe it's only a 12A! But then Michael thought it wasn't that terrifying so maybe it's just me. I tried to buy a Make Poverty History band from Oxfam afterwards, but they'd sold out. Ahses.

Then I went all peculiar and quiet. Am still peculiar and quiet. No worries - Catalyst tonight, which will rock. Yay Catalyst! Could do with a hefty dose of fab Christian tunes, it always cheers me up. Whoever said the Devil has all the best music didn't know what he was talking about!

Also, Ian is talking at our church tomorrow which will rock. Yay for that.

I'll update again soon, k? K.

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

In which there is a fire, wasted lessons, and a reversion to childhood.

Yesterday was manic. Absolutely bizarre. I only ever have two lessons on Tuesdays, but one of my Theology teachers wasn't in (ill still) so it was just the one. On my way to R block, I smelled smoke down west corridor. Nobody was making any fuss, so I didn't think too much of it and just continued to my lesson. Five minutes later the alarm went off, and we had to evacuate the school. Ergo no lessons for me (sob... not).

Crazy though; it was arson in the boy's loos. Because lightning hit the school last Friday, we had no phone communication, no fire alarm, and no CCTV. So we couldn't alert the pupils or the fire peeps, and we can't see who did it! What a fiasco; our headteacher is in pretty deep with this. It was nice though, spending the one hour I should have been working lying on the field with my friends... with a gentle summer breeze... perfect!

Today was mildly tamer... at first! Theatre Studies was - as always - fantastic. Then things got silly. In G4 at lunchtime, most people had gone down to the park as they had the afternoon off, but a select few - myself included - stayed behind. Ellie found some crayons - proper wax crayons - and we droo sum pikshas. It was great! We did a zooo, and a serkiss wiv clowns juglin, and a house wiv birds and trees and a pink cat, and a sky piksha, and I did a piksha of Muykle. I blame the Millions. Little sugar pixies, all artificial colourings and flavourings and additives. Giggle... nothing like a sugar high to pass lunchtime well, is there! We've pinned them all up on the wall, but the Humpty Dumpty one is upside-down. Which possibly explains why he fell off, at least.

Sociology was cool; both our teachers for that subject have given up on getting us to work, so I just taught people how to do those Scoubidou things. It was great! I had Adam, Kate, Dan, Tasha and Mrs. Reynolds all learning at various points. Well, it's that or work, isn't it...

Roll on tomorrow, says I... I need sleep! It's ridiculous. A couple of days ago I fell asleep on my bedroom floor when I stopped to pray. That's bad, and all entirely my fault, because I've been reading instead of sleeping. Since it's a Theatre Studies book I've been reading, it's technically Rob and Liz's fault. Oh well; I've finished it now. Sleep time... later. After BB.

Not that I watch BB, you understand. Ohhh nooooo. Rubbish. Me? Hah! No.