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Saturday, 10 December 2005

Guilt is a short-lived creature...

... and yet laziness endures. Something for you to think about. Seriously, though, it would really encourage me to get more comments from any potential readers, since I feel like I'm blogging into the void at the moment. Almost all my comments are spam so far!

Another reason I haven't been updating much is the sheer manicness of my life right now. There's homework, coursework, university applications, birthdays, Christmas, not to mention trying to put off doing all of the above (which probably takes up the most time of all of them.)

Hey, good news on the mormon though, he's getting on really well with a friend I introduced him to. See, this is the benefit of making sure all your friends know all your other friends - nobody depends on me to make conversation! I am not needed! Yay! Wait, is that a good thing though? So, yeah, I've been hideously confused about that. I have no bestest best friend, but lots of very good friends. Which is great. But it does mean that if they make bestest best friends with each other, I'm left in the corner sulking. Or at least, I was. Then I thought "They won't talk to me if I sulk", so I've been working on being lovely and friendly.

I'm still a little baffled than anyone would want to read about all this, to be honest. I can understand my neuroses being dissected for a psychology class, I guess, but for amusement?

Oh, hey, amusement it is. Two men were walking through a graveyard. One said, "Morning." and the other one replied "Nah, I'm just walking my dog." Cue hilarity. I can say jokes, saying them is easy - very few jokes work better written down.

I'm going to a friend's birthday bash tonight, and I bought a corset for it. I've always wanted one, and now that they're 'in' I can actually get hold of one. They didn't have a size 12 so I'm wearing a 14 and hoping the thing stays up by willpower! It seems to expect there to be a lot more of me in certain places, which I don't get since I'm not overly lacking there anyway. Wish me luck for tonight.

Things to think about:
I have never seen a baby pigeon. Have you? What do they look like? Where do they go?

And remember, if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.


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