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Friday, 22 July 2005

A rant.

Can you believe what happened yesterday?! Can you believe they tried the SAME DAMN THING again?! Dear terrorists, you've tried it, you've failed, now bugger off.

Sorry for the language, I'm usually quite good with that sort of thing, but this is a unique situation. My sister's up there. I realise that shouldn't affect how I feel about it, but it does.

I feel so sorry for the people who think that the only way they can get their god's love is by blowing themselves up. I'm struggling to feel sorry for them, to be honest, but it's not fair to dehumanise them. I f I don't understand them as humans, I can't accuse them of anything. It would be like accusing a rock that fell on someone's head. No, these are humans with family and feelings and reasons for what they did, but understand this. Those reasons are NOT GOOD ENOUGH and what they have done is... I'm tempted to say unforgiveable. I won't, though. Sigh. I'm confused.

I'd even forgotten about it the past few days. I've been having fun. School's out, I've been spending time with my friends, playing stupid games, and generally getting on with life. It's not been that easy for the people who were more closely affected by things, though. Some people won't be able to ignore it for a long time.

And now they've tried the same damn thing two weeks after the first attack. But it didn't work, did it. Hah. Now bugger off.


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