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Saturday, 2 July 2005

In which there is a social division, some socialising, a Martian invasion and hope for the future.

Hey ho. Has been rather bizarre couple of days.

Friday was odd; the group split because one person fancied moving rooms. It all happened so quickly. One moment the gang was all in G4, the next almost everybody had moved to G3 and was wondering why I hadn't! They kept stealing stuff from our room as well, even the clock which I bought for G4. Hmmmm. Is big problem, as now can't decide which room to go to on Monday.

Played ping-pong (sorry - table tennis) at BYG, which was very fun, though still not as good as badminton. I kept hitting the darn thing too hard. Those crazy balls bounce of the walls three times before even hitting the floor when you give them a proper whack.

Then went midnight shopping (weekly tradition at Tescos)- almost. We went to pick up Jamez but he was working, so we played crazy golf instead. I did ok. Then Jamez went somewhere else so Andrew pretty much took me home. I've seen Jamez for all of ten minutes over the past two weeks! I like his friends - especially Rob. He seems really nice, I've seen him for all of ten minutes as well.

Today was better; we saw War of the Worlds at the cinema. I found it insanely scary. Can't believe it's only a 12A! But then Michael thought it wasn't that terrifying so maybe it's just me. I tried to buy a Make Poverty History band from Oxfam afterwards, but they'd sold out. Ahses.

Then I went all peculiar and quiet. Am still peculiar and quiet. No worries - Catalyst tonight, which will rock. Yay Catalyst! Could do with a hefty dose of fab Christian tunes, it always cheers me up. Whoever said the Devil has all the best music didn't know what he was talking about!

Also, Ian is talking at our church tomorrow which will rock. Yay for that.

I'll update again soon, k? K.


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