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Thursday, 3 May 2007

I'm such a girl!

I've been fighting it for years, but it seems some traces of femininity escaped the purge.

I went to a charity fashion show last night. It was all for a good cause, St. Luke's Leprosarium, and after the catwalky bit (my friend Amy was a model, and very gorgeous she is too), we were let loose to buy designer clothes at half price. It must have gone to my head. I was very good, I must say, I only bought two things:

A floaty, yellow, slightly translucent skirt that reminds me of a daffodil,

And a dress... yeah, I bought a dress. A little black one. A little black fairly revealing one.

I wore the skirt today, loving it, even if I have to remember not to stand in front of bright lights. Then I wore the dress over jeans to go to Dominique's, which in retrospect was a mistake because we usually lie down on a double bed / floor sofa thing in the living room to talk, and this dress was not designed for horizontal wearing (things don't stay where they're put, if you see what I mean) but I still love it.

So, yes, I am now apparently female. Hooray for me.


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