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Monday, 28 May 2007

I am pleased with you

Ok, so I thought I'd post again just to give you wonderful crazies who read my blog somewhere else to natter! By the way, you're all so truly awesome I can't even express it in words, so instead here is a picture.

That is for being good readers.

I've spent most of today in Guildford visiting my new baby cousin Josie, she's adorable and I'll get a photo up soon. Yay.

I was talking to Dave on the phone earlier, and right before I hung up I said "I'll see you tomorrow."

I'll see you tomorrow.

"I'll see you tomorrow"...



  1. Can I be the first to say yeah, let's make this into a forum, because then when everybody posts here I'll look like the genius. Yay!

    -FT xxxxxxx

  2. wow you are a genius!!
    lol still a good idea :) xx

  3. Haha...anyone noticed how the first 2 comment have nothing to do with the actual content of the blog post? I don’t want to let the side down sooooo *drum roll* behold the wondrous beauty of another completely unrelated comment *radiant light blinds all other members of the fan club as the new comment is unveiled*

    Hands up if you think I need to get a life :P lol *runs away and hides in the deepest darkest woods*

  4. lol i dont think you need to get a made me chuckle :)

  5. That a bit of luck then cos I hear they aren’t cheap and I’m saving up lol :P

  6. hehe :) i do like our new forum.
    i met anna yesterday!!! :O
    but she hasnt posted about it yet :(

  7. i know, i'm still waiting for her rant on the day. + i want the photos!

  8. I'm telling you, as soon as I get home I will. Unfortunately Dominique has kidnapped me, and she has NO INTERNET CONNECTION!! I'm sending this desperate cry for help from my parents' house. *sob* I need internets!

  9. No internet. Our sympathy goes out to you and your friend. We will be praying for you.


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