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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Oxford, Sleepover, Pub, and Dirty Dancing.

See the title for this post? See what happens when I'm gone for three days? DO YOU SEE?!

Some of you have been expecting me to talk about Tuesday for some time now, and I'm very sorry for not updating you all sooner, but as you see things have been fairly hectic.

So! Oxford. I went (all by myself) on the ferry and then the train (like a big girl) to Oxford, and I was freaking TERRIFIED. The train would take only two minutes between stations until we got near my stop, then suddenly it was draaaagging ooouut... and then the train inexplicably started going BACKWARDS.
As I got closer to my destination I got jumpier, edgier, fidgetier - fortunately not enough to become too conspicuous, I hope. At one point I started worrying because I'd gone so pale that my skin was actually blue, before realising that the train's windows were actually tinted slightly; that was a relief.

SO ANYWAY after that I actually went out of the station and saw him. Right there. Dave. Without a screen between us, or indeed anywhere in sight, there he was and there I was and... what now?
Well what happened next was we talked, and hugged (which he'd told me not to do straight away but changed his mind about), we got food, we went for a walk, sat in the park, talked, hugged (slightly awkwardly at first, then I relaxed a bit). We caught the bus back to his house, blur, blur, hugging, cat, blur, watched memento, blur, hugging (uhgahbuh), blur, dinner, home...

Yes, yes, I know. I can't remember a lot of it, not in detail anyway, because of the combination of nerves and excitement and hugging and not having a fantastic memory anyway. But I hope it's enough to say that it was truly awesome, that everybody I met was lovely and fun and generally great. In fact while I'm here, thank you, guys, you made me feel really welcome. Everybody go ahhhhh.

It wasn't until I was headed home that I started to worry about the fact that I'm an emotionally stunted wreck who may not even be capable of entering a real relationship, let alone sustaining one, but we'll brush over that.

I didn't get home until gone midnight, and by then I was too tired to blog, sorry guys. I should have done it the next morning, but I hadn't anticipated just how mad the next few days were going to be...

Wednesday: I went over to Dom's and played Kingdom Hearts 2. Awesome game. Haven't played it in months because her rabbit ate the wire. Steve (my honorary big brother) came over. Dave was sad. That made me sad, and worried, and guilty, but things got better. I think.

Thursday: Played Kingdom Hearts. Steve came over. I went to the pub for open mic night, which was awesome, and came back to Dom's smelling of smoke (so I refused to inflict that smell on her and slept in the living room that night).

Friday: Dom ran me a bubbly bubble bath! Hooray! Played KH. (Okay, maybe it was less manic than it felt, but I still had a truly awesome time. Dom is lovely.) Thennnn we went to a girly night with some of the cell group girls, we watched Dirty Dancing and had snacks, painted nails, etc. while the guys did guy things.
What guy things? Well, we found them running around outside Naomi's house with clingfilm, sellotape and beer.

In conclusion: much awesomeness has occurred. Much of which I'm sure I've forgotten just at the moment, but never mind.

Ooh, also I've dyed my eyelashes black for some reason, which I didn't know you could do. Apparently you can. *Flutters eyelashes*


  1. *husky voice*

    Seven days....

    -FT xxxx

    (although technically it's six)

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention, also on friday: Steven came round. Bless him.

  3. yey i met anna!!
    hehe glad you had a good time, kat and i were talking about it and we've come to the conclusion that we love you and you have to stay!

    we'll ignore the whole isle of wight being far from oxford thing!

  4. Yay! Nice to know you had a good time in oxford, sounds like you’ve had a busy week.

  5. Glad it was a good time! Cool. BTW, have posted on my blog, thanks to your prompt!

  6. i'm glad you had a good time in oxford too! :)


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