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Friday, 29 June 2007

Just to clarify:

My beliefs are my own, I know my own mind, and you were NOT exactly the same as me when you were my age. RAAAARGH.

It is SO frustrating when you say the word 'Christian' and people instantly think they know better than you and know everything about you.

I put up with half an hour of being told that I was stupid, that my faith is all bullshit, and that I am brainwashed.

To reiterate: RAAAARGH.

In other news, would an "I will not sleep with you" t-shirt look arrogant? I think it probably would...

(By the way, it was open mic night, Chris sang Brown Eyed Girl again, wargh. Issues aplenty.)


  1. Honey, you know you aren't stupid or brainwashed. You're a lovely gal, and you know I know it. Ignore her - she obviously hasn't got the foggiest what they're talking about.

    Also, "I Will Not Sleep With You" sounds ironically tart-like. Get one that says "HIV+" on it or something. Or "HERPES! Want some!?". That'll scare them off!

    -FT xxxxx

  2. HAHAHAH genius! You're right, I Will Not Sleep With You is the sort of thing you'd expect to find on a tight pink boob tube which is a shame.

    How about "Ask me about clown porn!"

  3. No... because then I'm afraid I'll be forced to paint clown eyes on you when you fall asleep, stick a red nose on you, and wear a rainbow wig myself. Now, I don't know much about *whispers*sex*finisheswhispering* but I'm fairly sure wearing a wig doesn't come into it on a normal one-on-one situation, excuse the pun.

    "Ask me about my role in MeatSpin" would be good.

    -FT xxxx

  4. Wear a faded Megadeth T-shirt and stink. I've successfully avoided most ladies for the last 38 or so years using this method.


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