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Monday, 18 June 2007

Unreasonably early

Well, it's yet another Monday morning and I'm up at the crack of dawn (by which I mean before 10. Be reasonable.) As some of you might know, I spend Mondays on the mainland doing a theology course called Deeper, in which I invariably lose concentration multiple times a minute and in which Matt falls asleep. We're going to resort to Red Bull today, which I've never tried before.

Seriously though, how am I supposed to stay focused?! 6 hours (including lunchbreak)of sitting behind a desk and listening to someone talk. Oh, and taking notes, just to keep it fun. The only upside is that it's all truly sound stuff that I love knowing, and the blame lies entirely with me that I don't make more of an effort. I should start going to bed earlier on Sundays.

Mondays are mad. I'm going to have to leave the house at half past 7 and I won't be back until about 11pm, because after travelling back from Southampton, I help at this thing called Soul Cafe. So it's all fun and games, everything winds to a close soon anyway, and then I'll realise how good I had it and how much I miss it. Such is life, eh ;)

Hope you're all ok, and I've got a favour to ask. Please tell me what sort of thing you'd like to read about here. I'd really love some feedback.


  1. What would I like to see, eh? Well, I like blogs that are themed into a challenge, e.g. "diary of mine quest to decide whether or not I like olives by eating 36 of them every day for a year"...

    So how about:
    * One young lady's quest to become mayor! You overcome prejudice as you secure lucrative tax breaks and a funky gold chain and stealthily rename everyone on the Isle of Barbados (where you live) to Minion #001-999
    * One young lady's quest to become a pirate! You overcome prejudice as you secure lucrative tax breaks and a funky parrot and become the most feared bearded lunatic on the high sees
    * One young lady's quest to become a young man! You overcome prejudice as you secure lucrative tax breaks and a funky moustache/mullet combo and break into the England under-21s side

    Of course, these ideas are completely terrible and in the advanced stages of wrongness. I'm sure you can come up with something!

  2. Well, I can't do numbers two and three. I've tried all my life, I can't grow a beard... and much as I like the idea of number one, I think I'll mull it over for a bit ;) thanks for the idea! x x

  3. :-O Don't steal Bella's song!

    Anyway, hmmm.... I'd like to read more adoration of Fat people personally. Failing that, stories that drunk people tell you without realising you'll remember them.

    That'd be hardcore.....


  4. how about:
    * one young lady's quest to find the golden trolley. surpassing the common silver trolley in both capacity and style, the golden trolley would be more than enough to satisfy your irrational love of item finding. alright, gold may be tackier than silver, but why are you complaining?

    seriously? just keep talking about your life and about whatever you personally find interesting. that's why i read your blog. :)


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