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Friday, 15 June 2007

Be church

I went to cell today for the first time in ages.

For those who don't know, cell group is like a bible study with socialising, theological and philosophical debate, and today cake as well.

I've missed those guys so much, they really made me realise what I was missing.

I haven't been doing too well lately. Ok I'm going to be brutally honest, I'm not super-depressed or anything, things have just been ... bad.

My mum's been diagnosed with diabetes, my dad's liver is failing, I haven't been eating properly, haven't been praying or reading my bible, haven't been to church in weeks...

And I only just realised there was a problem. But today I went to cell (with Lucy, who is back from 8 months in Africa and who is a complete blessing from God for all of us right now) and I just fell back on the network of support that, for some insane reason, I haven't been making the most of.

They're such wonderful people. And we're really secure as a group, and it really does feel like family.

So, sorry to everyone I've been weird at lately, most of it was because I was all lethargic from not eating, with any luck things will improve.

And I'd like to leave you with this thought: don't go to church, BE church. When your friends think of Christianity, they see you. Bear his name well.


  1. aw hun am glad you found support in your cell, i love it when cells come together like that :)

    am here if you ever want to talk or rant to someone who doesnt know the people involved.
    lots of love xxx

  2. I know exactly how that feels (or perhaps I just think I do, or perhaps I'm merely being crassly presumptive ;)). For all that I think I'm Batman I do appreciate that we can't in reality walk alone; we're not strong enough. If one falls, his brother picks him up, right?

    Please take care of yourself, and eat good food like pies, crisps, battered sausages and chocolate. If you're naughty and eat an apple, have a Mars Bar to balance it out.

  3. Sarah, you're a sweetie x

    Gavin... I think I'm going to be living on smoothies this summer! I had one today with 550% of my rda of vitC, that's just awesome. A few of those and I'll have superpowers.


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