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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Link splurge

Madness, have I really not posted for five days? Such deplorable laxity! Still, I like to think that since the revamp I've been living up to the blog's title at the very least. Sort of, a bit.

I'm currently feeling thoroughly useless and dithering like a professional ditherer; my housemate's had some bad news and, since I've spent a total of three minutes talking to him ever, I'm not really sure how to help. This isn't appalling social skills on my part, by the way - he's only just moved in. Still. Mental note: must make more of an effort.

I'd like to recommend Wet Lemon Animations as my interesting thing of the day, which is really cheating as there are several interesting toons on it. My favourite one isn't working, but it's on Weebl's Stuff: Colours has a beautiful storyline! Check out the portal song too, it's gorgeous. Have I recommended Jonathan Coulton to you yet? No?! Well the Portal song is one of his, and I can't recommend his songs enough. They're funny and beautiful, and some are free to download.

As always, the links will be going up in the sidebar for later reference.


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