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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Eventful day

Also, Gav's brother is engaged to his lady! Hooray!
Also, my uncle died of cancer either today or yesterday. I barely knew him.
Also, I played lots of wii mariokart tonight.
Also, one of my friends is a Lost geek like me!
Also, telling someone they're being oversensitive when they're angry is a FANTASTIC way of calming them down...



  1. I took ur advice..
    I told my sister that she was just being oversensitive when she came home yelling and pissed off at everyone..thanks! it worked! she's now not talking to me..which is better =D hehehe

  2. Ah. Um. I was being sarcastic, hence the picture of a bit knot (NOT, geddit?) Um. Still! Glad... it worked out for you? I guess?

  3. Hey.... not really related to your post but meh :P

    jess just told me to listen to "Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day" ... it strikes me as a you type song so hey... consider yourself told about it :P its nifty go check it out on youtube :P

    also where is that reply haha! you are nearly as forgetful as me.. thats really bad!

    loving the new look btw :D oh and that photos of the knot is nifty in a minimalist type of way ^_^

    anyway! thats all from me... *runs off*

  4. Ooo that is lovely! Kay, investigating your other comment NOW.

    Glad you like my rainbows theme! I've been changing bits here and there, I'm pretty pleased with it!


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