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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Site stats

I checked my blog on, expecting to hear the usual: that nobody really reads / has heard of The Almost Daily Exploits of Me. Instead, it turns out that in the grand scheme of things I'm doing fairly well!

"Your website has an Alexa rank of 6,016,239 which is in the top 19.58 % of all websites."

"This blog currently has a Technorati rank of 2,473,598, which puts it in the top 3.53% of blogs tracked by Technorati."

Well heck, this pleases me.


  1. Well, if that many people read this, it's your obligation to give them something worth reading. No pressure! :p

  2. Are you saying that I haven't been? ;) Nah, sorry pet, much as I love you all, this blog is mostly for me!

  3. A friend was browsing her blog stats and found someone had come to her via a search for "aubergine insertion babe".

    Honestly, I don't think you're trying.

  4. Apparently my blog currently has a Technorati rank of 4,623,484, which puts it in the top 6.6% of blogs tracked by Technorati. Yet no one seems to view mine and yours is quite popular...[Shameless self advertising] Seriously guys if you read anna's blog you're more than welcome to read mine! [\Shameless self advertising]- that woulda been funnier if they'd let me use <> instead of []

  5. Ben, that is AMAZING. How do I find that stuff out? I have to check it out now...

    Luko my love, you're quite welcome to advertise on my blog. I'd do the same if I had no shame! ;) Teasing. Miss ya! x

  6. You need statcounter. Very easy to install.

  7. huh i don't like that webgrader site, it told my website off! sulk.

  8. Told it off?! I didn't even know you HAD a website. So I'll tell it off too. Naughty, naughty invisible website!

  9. This blog currently has a Technorati rank of 1,943,068, which puts it in the top 2.78% of blogs tracked by Technorati.

    It's growing!

  10. Hooray! My link-whoring has paid off!

    I'm kidding.

    I'm really not kidding.


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