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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Don't worry, be crappy

You know what? Stop worrying, honestly.

The deciding moment in your life could be which sandwich you eat tomorrow, or how you styled your hair yesterday. You may never know. That's chaos theory - a butterfly flaps its wings, and...

There are too many factors in life! How can you identify any one thing as important enough to stress over?

We are not told how things could have been, we aren't even told how things are! We have to make it up, with no real idea of what the consequences will be. So whether you get the job, the girl, the flat, or not - how could you know if that's better or worse in the long run?

Maybe you'll live on the streets for a month and die a millionaire.
Maybe you'll get fantastic grades at school and lose a leg in a car accident.
Maybe one would never have happened without the other, maybe it would have happened anyway. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure.

So why worry? You'll muddle through somehow, you always do.

Today's Interesting Thing, in honour of my crappy poorlies, is a guide to illing, by the esteemed Anna from Little Red Boat.


  1. thanks for the advice! i think i've been stressing over unnecessary things for too long...

  2. It may be worth noting at this point that some people believe in a Rather Cool Dude™ that they can communicate with, who actually knows how the 'long run' will turn out based on decisions, so they try to run their choices by him to see what he thinks.

    Personally I have trouble surrendering control of my life, but if I look at some of the disasters it's encountered under my not-so-watchful eye, I can just about begin to see why it might be a good idea to let a trained pilot take over.

    ps. 5:40am, and I didn't have to stay awake to see it! Woo! It's a messed up sleeping pattern, but it works!

  3. Mike, I'm impressed! I've been getting up earlier myself. Not that early though. How did you manage it?

  4. Too true.

    People spend too much time worrying what others think. And guess what those others are doing? Worrying what others think as well, so worrying most of the time is fruitless, though we all can't help but do it!

  5. Now I'm worried about whether or not I worry too much!

  6. I have my alarm set for 5:30, and my phone is hidden under piles of clothes and I sleep in a bunk-bed, so by the time I've found it I'm awake enoug to make the choice about staying up or not. Sometimes I go back to bed and regret it, but other times I stay up, which is wooworthy

  7. Mike.. i will see your 5.40 and raise you 50 mins.

    10 to 5 and its time for work :P

  8. all this talk of early mornings is making me feel queasy. Even the THOUGHT of getting up early makes me feel ill, weak and empty.

    I used to get up at 5 to work in a supermarket. It killed me EVERY TIME.

    9.30am + flex time == WIN

  9. Hello Anna

    I've come over from the land of boh3m3 and decided I'll try to be a regular commenter on your blog. Looks like I've got a few posts to catch up on...

    You're completely right about worrying. Anytime I start getting too stressed out when things aren't going the way I want, I just think that I really don't know how it will affect my situation in the future, so just chill out man.

    People like to be in control and believe that decisions they make will have the best outcome for them, but like you said, there are way too many factors, the best outcome isn't determined by you alone.

  10. Well hi there Jay, good to have you along for the ride! There's about 3 years' worth of posts to catch up on, so there's no obligation to read them all! (There will be a test later though.)

    Sadly, I've been incredibly stressed for the past week... knowing that I should relax doesn't seem to make it any easier!

  11. "knowing that I should relax doesn't seem to make it any easier!"

    If only it did! If only! I like reading your posts, sometimes they echo what I think, just put in a way that actually makes sense.

    I was wondering about the whole fate/destiny thing the other day, and to an extent, shouldn't it be irrelevant? Even if your future is lined up already, you still have to make the choices in the here and now that will lead to that predefined future! And yes, as you said, anything minor worries that stops you from living your life are just moments wasted.

  12. I saw the Aslan quote! And currently doing 6.30 and feeling good about it.

  13. Stephen, you're a pragmatist. I like that. And I agree wholeheartedly that the right choices have to be made, whether you know why you made them or not.

    Judi, well spotted! That lion is one wise dude. I love him so much.

  14. i just found your blog. i'm hoping to read more soon. :)


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