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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

In which Anna is inbetween

'Fighting dementia every step of the way' poster
I know dementia is a very serious problem, but this poster still makes me laugh. That phrase in particular, "Fighting dementia every step of the way", brings to mind a picture of an old lady saying "Now, I know you've told me, Enid, but where are we going?" Sorry.

I find myself in a rather odd situation right now where I can't say anything about myself for certain. I can't say I'm 20 because I'm practically 21, I can't say I'm a Christian because I'm very confused, and I've dyed my hair it's natural colour which is sort of mousy dark blondey brownish so I can't even identify my hair colour with any certainty.

Still female, though. Still definitely female.

By the way, the tags at the bottom of my posts can be used to track what I've written on certain topics. I tend to reuse the same tags, so generally if you want to find out what I've written about (for example) identity in the past, just click it and see. Nifty!


  1. So, how many other things are you in between? Guess I'll have to look for more posts to find out.

  2. very funny made me laugh aloud

  3. I'm really, really gutted that you feel confused Anna, I hope and pray that you don't have to feel that way much longer...


  4. Thank you all. Gavins, I'm ok really, but cubbles are always appreciated!

  5. I know exactly what you mean! I'm the same with the Christianity thing, when I tell people I'm officially a 'bad Christian' they just get confused or laugh, and I'm nearly 22, so not quite 21. My hair's definite black though! So there :P

    I think we're allowed to be confused, there's far too much emphasis on growing up too quickly these days: why can't there be a little bit of childishness remaining in all of us? And forced to make life altering decision comparatively early in life with very little experience to back it up: it's inevitable to look back and wonder if we've done the right thing. The only thing we can know for sure, is that it's NEVER too late to change our path, and just enjoy the one we're one :)

    I like the way you right, be assured I'll keep up to date with your blog :) And thanks for reading mine!

  6. Just be yourself!And God will help you

  7. hey it's one of those life things i guess. i'm 17 and i'm confused as heck cause i have no idea were i stand on certain stuff... cool blog btw!

  8. Sweet Anna,
    Life is confusing enough. God doesn't make it more so. You can know for sure. If this is true about you
    You are a Christian. It is simple, not confusing!
    With love,

  9. That's good that you're still female. Keep an eye on it though, you don't want it slipping away from you.

  10. Anna,

    Be not Confused! My church is running a course just for the confused. We've even free food! If you're interested, tweet me.



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