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Monday, 22 September 2008

End on a high note

Let's play a fun game! What's the worst possible thing that could happen to Anna? That's right: this all over again. Last year I spent Fresher's week, when I should have been getting to know people, curled up in bed, miserable and completely unable to eat / drink / talk for the best part of a week. This year, it's time to get rolling with the uni thing, and my throat decides to pull it's old inflammation trick again.

This time, however, I am actually registered with a doctor! Silver lining, people, silver lining. Until I can get an appointment, however, it's extreme hunger for me. Hoo-bloody-rah.

I spent a fair portion of today watching youtube videos of Sesame Street, getting all nostalgic, and deciding it would be awesome to design muppets for a living. It would, wouldn't it? What a job.

(removed videos deleted)

That kid has got KILLER comedic timing!! And she's adorable, so little Joey is my interesting thing of the day. Hooray! See why you should watch Sesame Street when you feel low?

/EDIT: videos removed? Dagnabbit! Try these:


  1. don't worry people, I went round and looked after Anna last night, cooking her some nutritious beef and vegetable soup and bringing with me paracetemol, ibuprofen and fruit juices.

    I took her to the doc's this morning who told her that it's viral and will get better more quickly if she gets good nutrition, plenty of water and rest.

  2. Mix one part TCP with 5 parts water, and gargle. That's what my mum used to make me do.

    It may not actually do anything to the virus, it's hard to tell, but the taste is so bad that you'll welcome the pain back with open arms, to give you something else to think about.

    I also recommend Ben & Jerry's, of pretty much any flavour. Of course, I'd be recommending that even if you didn't have a sore throat, but that's not the point.

  3. :D DAN! I hire you as my personal physician! Hooray! Ben and Jerry's cure anything. Even I-feel-fat-days, because you're just like, "oh well if this is being fat at least it tastes AMAZING."

  4. Well I did do a year in medical school. I also used to claim to be the doctor of love, but judging by recent events, I'm more the palliative care nurse of love!

    Still, you're right, Ben & Jerry's rocks. Particularly the Cookie Dough one.

  5. aww!

    This one time, I saw a delighted looking kitten scamper across the floor making an adorable purring noise, and that was the cutest thing I'd ever seen until I saw this.

    Anna is fast asleep on my sofa cuddling my toy cat Tiffin with my special green pillowcase that's been my comforter since I was about three.

    I'm cooking her a casserole, never made one before but it's actually smelling quite appetising so far! I figure that if it tastes of the wrong end of a shoe she won't notice anyway at the moment ;-)

    The poor love, she seems tired and it hurts her to yawn or eat. :( *applies cuddles*


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