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Thursday, 3 April 2008

An Answer

Whoever said you can never truly go home had a rubbish sense of direction.

I've really enjoyed being home. Sort of. Mostly. I mean, I absolutely adore my island, but so many people have moved on that I've got practically nobody to meet up with. Nothing to do.

On the plus side, I went back to my church and saw that they've started renovating the building behind our church. We used to use it for Sunday School, but it's been so dilapidated for so long that they were talking about demolishing it for a while. So to return to it today to see all the building work going on, all the people busy sanding and planing and pulling down wallpaper, is a wonderful thing.

It wasn't until I went upstairs and saw the YFC guys I did my gap year with working on the rooms that would be their offices - no, it wasn't until I saw a particular floorboard - that I remembered something pretty cool.

About a year ago, I needed to pray urgently, so I let myself into the building for some time alone. I loved that building, and I ended writing a long prayer that it wouldn't be demolished. I prayed that it would be rebuilt, repaired, and made useful. I prayed that it would be something for the community, something to help people. I prayed that it would be busy. And then I hid my prayer under a loose floorboard in one of the abandoned rooms.

So went I went back to find that that floorboard has been fixed down - presumably with my prayer still underneath it - and that the whole building is being brought back to life, I have to say - it felt good. Very good.

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  1. I hoep yo udidnt demolish the building looking for the floorboard :)


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