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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Anna likes to

Stumbled across, and subsequently kidnapped, a meme. Enter " likes to" into google, and tell us the first ten results!!

This is what I got...

Anna likes to take her daughter to film sets with her
Anna likes to watch balls
Anna likes to think that her visual impairment has given her the opportunity to create visual art from a unique perspective
Anna likes to give her snakes a bath once or twice a week
Anna likes to play dumb, and is obsessed with Ikea
Anna likes to be needed, as well as to cherish and protect her loved ones, of whom she is somewhat possessive
anna likes to touch water
Anna likes to work / Anna likes to be spontaneous (two results on one page, yay!)
Anna likes to think that she has the will to win of her favourite player Roy Keane
Anna likes to tell that at this point her mother ordered her out of the apartment and she began life on her own at the age of fifteen

Go forth and Googlify, readers!

1 comment:

  1. I'm gonna do it, just not on blogger because I fear that one day someone I know will stumble across my online secrets and I don't want them to know it's me.

    But I am gonna do it, and stick it on a myspace bulletin. You've given me a fun distraction :)


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