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Monday, 28 April 2008


A wishlist: Things I wish I didn't have.

My radio / tape / cd player.
I no longer need it. The world has moved on, and so have I, but the aerial's snapped off so I can't give it to a charity shop, or anyone who feels they need a radio / tape / cd player. I'm reluctant to part with it because it's metallic powdery blue, and a nice shape, and still works.

A foldable purple chair.
I have only needed it once, but it's just so darn pretty and smooth and nice and foldable. Surely there will come a time when two people will come into my room and need to sit down, and I'll be on / in my bed? ... No, probably not. It's just taking up space, albeit not very much.

Books for my course.
I don't want them, I don't like them. Most of them look so deadeningly dull that I'd rather - and indeed do - do anything but read them.

Lava lamp.
The ultimate in consumer pointlessnessism. Reluctant to part with it because: When my room is tidy, it makes me feel like I'm in a lovely, quiet, calm, relaxed and elegant room. Instead of in a shoebox sandwiched between loud musics.

Why? Why why why.

I have eight pairs now. Nobody needs eight pairs of shoes! In my defence though, they're mostly cheapy ones, so they'll wear out quickly anyway.



    problem solved

  2. My thing I wish I didn't have is a mobile phone. You get a mobile phone and then you can never be without it again. People assume the right to contact you at any time, and worry if you don't answer. You can never quite escape - and if you do, you feel guilty or scared in case someone needs you. They are evil.

  3. Good answer Katie, I know what you mean... it's been a lifesaver this year, and I don't think I could ever be without a mobile, but I do regret that!

  4. A bit belated but... Oh my GOD eight pairs of shoes is nothing! I love shoes probably more than is quite healthy, but they so preeeeetty.


  5. Hahah! Confession time, OS... how many? ;)

    I am kind of scared by the fact that my number is creeping upwards. I didn't think I was that kind of girl!

  6. As long as they're all different I think it's ok. I mean, I wear skirts so I've gots loads of 'em, but then my housemate only wears blue jeans and has five of the exact same pair, as well as at least five other blue jeans. Which I don't understand.

    So. Shoes. Probably... 20 pairs? Including boots. Not that that makes it any better. But I do routinely clear out and give the unworn ones to charity shops.

    I am a magpie in human form. I admit it.



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