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Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Why is nobody online at half 9 in the morning? It's just rude is what it is.

Ok, perhaps a more pertinent question would be why am I online at half 9 in the morning.

I woke up nice and early to put the finishing touches to my essay, which I'm just gonna hand in now (one down, two to go! Woop!), a day early. I've never handed in an essay a day early before. But this time I have incentive! Cuddles!

I'm mostly motivated by cuddles. It's a huge flaw in the education system that there's no acceptable way of implementing that kind of reward system. However, now I have Gav, who's very encouraging, wants to see me do well, and bribes me with hugs.

So, I've got my essay done a lot sooner and better than I would otherwise have done, so now I can go up to Cardiff a day early! Yaaaay!

Also, here is a picture of me.

Someone on the internet called me ugly, and after my initial RARR I'm kind of thinking "Meh" so posting this picture is a way of proving... something? That I can, I think. I can. And if you thinking I'm ugly, well just don't sleep with me then, I think that's fair enough.


  1. Who on earth called you ugly, and how did they get to see your photo?

    The internet is full of trolls. Ignore them.

    PS You're definitely not ugly.

  2. Heheh... another secret shame unearthed... for a little while I tried video blogging. Didn't really work for me.

    Thanks Homer <3

  3. I'm motivated by cuddles too, but I don't get any. :(
    Looking forward to next year.
    And maybe seeing you again sometime for a hug?

    If the people who think you're ugly should not sleep with you, what should the people who think you're pretty do?

  4. Youtube is the stupidest thing ever. It's got some of the greatest videos (people walking in to glass GENUS) but the commenters there are quite frankly insane.

  5. I hope for their sake I never find out who said that. >:( What a moron. I am very angry about that. NOBODY calls my friends ugly, especially not the ones who are the least so. *kills blind moron*

  6. PS. In love, of course

  7. Idiots make me cross. I wouldn't mind armbarring that guy until I heard a sharp SNAPPING sound...

    but really, it's just some guy on the Internet hiding behind a keyboard. I've had stuff like that said about me, and I'm hells of gorgeous ;-)

    I tell Anna she's beautiful every day. Without fail.

  8. Hahaha I love you guys. I'm spending the weekend with my love, which is a fantastic ego-booster because he doesn't see my flaws. <3 ;)

    Yes, you are hells of gorgeous :D x x

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  10. Pah, I got one of those silly Ad-comments as well.
    Here, have a meaningful hug. *hugs*


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