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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Post-move post

So, this the first time I've come to my blog without much in mind to write. So yes, I'm updating for the sake of it! Hooray! This is A Good Thing because it means that I feel obliged to update, which means I have READERS, yes it does boys and girls!

It's quite astonishing really. Lovely internet people, old school friends, people I work with (well, person I work with) and so on and so forth... and I've been getting interest in my poetry lately too! Ohyes, blogging is working for me.

So for those who don't know, I've been afk (Dave b: that means "away from keyboard", it's something we internet people say) for a few days due to moving house. But I'm back now, huzzah! And the people I'm living with now are utterly lovely, also huzzah!

So yes, I don't have anything utterly constructive to say. Take care, all, and I'll be back with some blinding insight into something-or-other soon enough.


  1. woo - i'm a reader!
    i guess i count as a "lovely internet person", but then i've never said "afk" before, so maybe i'm not an internet person.
    that means i'm just lovely.

    i'm also an avid reader of your poetry, but you haven't updated it in a fortnight, so go write some more!! :)

  2. I will :) maybe when the fever subsides. Either that, or something tripper than Manic Lullabye is coming your way.


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