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Saturday, 24 February 2007

Hot Fuzz and Jamez again

So I just saw Hot Fuzz for the second time, I'll be wandering around for days randomly saying "Cornetto?" ... If you haven't seen it yet, don't worry, it's not really a spoiler. It's seriously recommended if you like Shaun of the Dead, obviously, it has the same humour and light-heartedness about it. But I will say that there is a reason it's a 15!

I went to see it with Dan, my good buddy Dan, and some of his family, because I'm going to be living with them as of tomorrow! Which is very exciting. I was a bit nervous though, which made me go a bit quiet and stuff... Not excessively so, I mean, I doubt they would have noticed, but I did.

Problem is, just as I was starting to get over my nerves, I saw Jamez. With some skinny blonde chick. He waved at me and I sort of nodded back, thinking that I couldn't go talk to him because I wanted to swear and punch him in the face. Obviously, by the time that desire works its way through several layers of Englishness, it's translated into merely not hugging him. Or maybe an awkward handshake. And nobody wants to see that happen, do they.

No, no, he's not an ex. It was never as concrete as that. Far more complicated. But it doesn't matter, I wish him well, I really do.

No, really.

I do.


  1. i believe you, lol.
    i take it you're gonna post again today when you've finished moving?
    in any case, i hope to hear from you soon! :)

  2. ah the complicatedness of non-relationships. i understand :)

    oooh have fun moving! xxxx

  3. Hooray! I am back! Thankyou for commenting :)

    Hey, I did the smiley thing too! We're all so happy and / or cool.


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