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Friday, 16 February 2007

A new home

For those of you who don't know, for this gap year I'm living with a host family. I've spent 6 months with this family, and they've been very good to me, but now it's time for me to move on. (I got sick of them? They got sick of me? No. Just moving on, that's all.)

So tonight, I went to have a meal with my new host family, just to 'check'. They're all very lovely indeed. Funny thing is, people have been asking me if I know Bridget, and every time I say "No, no I don't, I don't know ANYONE called Bridget" and then I saw her tonight and I just went (in my head) "OH MY GAWSH IT'S BRIDGET."

Bridget was one or two years above me in high school, and she did drama, so I was thoroughly in awe of her. I still remember her immortal line in Oh What A Lovely War, "I'm RUSSIAN!" See, it's not a funny line, until she says it. Genius. So I was there at the dinner table going slightly embarrassed and quiet, thinking about the play and wondering if there was any cool way of reminding her who I am. But since I doubt she'd remember me, the answer to that is a resounding No.

Ah yes, children, I know it's hard to believe but I wasn't always cool. No, really. I used to be antisocial, aggressive, unconfident, and introverted. Hard to believe when you bear in mind the person I have blossomed into... *cough* Sorry, I can't even TYPE that with a straight face. Seriously, though, I've changed quite a lot even since I left school less than a year ago. For the better, I think.


  1. I googled Oh What A Lovely War Cowes High and ended up here. Oh, memories! I loved loved loved that play and wish there was a video.

  2. PS: ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!!

    It never gets old.

  3. Hahah small world. Only not.


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