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Thursday, 15 February 2007

Open mic night: Cowes

So, tonight was my first time at open mic night. I had a great time, I went with my brother and James to watch Chris perform. Only to find that I had been betrayed by my own sister.

I'm not a very romantic person, I tend to be incredibly sensible. Pretty much the only way through my defences is... erm... Brown Eyed Girl, by Van Morrison. I can't help it! Ben sang it once at Soul Survivor and I practically turned to goo. It's my kryptonite. And my beloved sister has served me up a kryptonite sandwich. She knows I've just started getting to know Chris, so (because she couldn't be there in person) she texted through a song request... yeah.

So I was there going bright red while Chris sang Brown Eyed Girl, which James found endearing enough to steal me a rose from the bar. Fortunately I was jammed into a corner where I couldn't see Chris, or it would have weakened me even more!

I had fun singing along to anything and everything. Gutted I had to leave so early, really. The one thing I'm not so keen on, however, is how I smell of cigarette smoke... seriously, it's the most revolting smell in the world. They say nobody hates it as much as someone who's never smoked, so I suppose that's why.

If you're reading this, Judi, you are a very bad girl and I shall have serious words with you!


  1. oh i understand the power a song can have.
    went to an open mic night at spring harvest and this guy i'd met (very cute) sang 'wherever you will go' by the calling.
    i was gone!
    so i send my sympathies :)

  2. Oh I know. One song! One song sang right and we're metaphorical putty in their proverbial hands. HOWEVER I am remaining strong. Sort of, I think.

  3. (almost) nobody knows the song i fall for, so i think i'm reasonably safe!
    (anna, if you tell, i will never speak to you again!)

  4. OOH OOH I remember!! Still, I wouldn't do that to you. It's bad enough that my own sister turned me in!


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