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Thursday, 15 February 2007

Relentless obsession is totally healthy!

... So is denial.

My life, my life is over, woe is me, etc. I know it's Valentine's day, I Don't Care. That is not what this is about.

This is about the Lost Experience! Last summer, I was utterly hooked on this 'optional extra' to the Lost series. Yes, I'm a Lost junkie. It was the main source of joy for me over those weeks, providing endless potential for detective work and fan-obsession. Ah, the many blogs that catalogued every last detail. The many fictional company websites. The thousands, no, MILLIONS of video clips that had to be painstakingly assembled in order to work out the plot. Even now I'm not entirely certain it's not real. Rachel Blake, if you're reading this, keep fighting Hanso! Don't give up!

The problem I'm having, this existential crisis of mine, has been brought on by the revelation that there will be no sequel. There. Will. Be. No. Sequel. The Lost Experience was completely open-ended, completely leaving the way open for a continuing storyline. In fact a sequel was not just possible, but practically NECESSARY.

Apparently there was too much criticism of TLE. Apparently people didn't like the pacing, the content, the plot. Apparently the number of fanon sites made it confusing. APPARENTLY they have completely FAILED to take into account the fact that I NEED closure! Not to mention something to obsess over this summer, to take the sting out of preparing for uni.

So: puppetmasters, please, make a sequel, if only for me!


  1. i am not a lost fan myself- i'll let that settle in anna, its not that it isnt good, i watched the season 2 finale. but i don't have time to get hooked on another show.

    however i understand the obsession with shows. i personally have a few shows that i like to surf the web about, especially when they finish on a horrible cliffhanger and i have to wait 6 months for the next season because stupid america isnt making the next season fast enough!!

    and i watch this show called veronica mars, its brill, vaguely shallow but the story kinda unfolds throughout the season. and upn (the american station that makes it) had a site that went through each episode from veronica's point of view which was fab because you could see what she was thinking and start to link the dots. however with the start of season 3 over in america they changed the site format and it no longer has this. this was most annoying since the timing happened to be right in the middle of season 2 over here!!!!

    anyway if you followed that i'm amazed hehe, just trying to explain that i understand the obsession and not only sympathize but support you in it! xxxx

  2. Heya, thanks for the support! guess everyone needs something to be obsessed with, even if (for some reason) that thing is not Lost. ;)

    I love when the internet extends the television series' universe, they did that with Doctor Who. Makes it all so much more exciting!

    Take care Sarah, Mwah! x x


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