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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Anna's inner mono-blog

Cathartic to write, confusing to read, but oh-so fun to say, it's Anna's inner mono-blog!

I'm really in a bad mood right now and I don't know what caused it. Little things went wrong at a youth group I help lead, and I felt unappreciated, and that annoying little narrator who lives inside my head got very angry.

The narrator has been swearing more lately. That is to say, I haven't been swearing any more than normal, but I've been thinking in bad language more often and I'm not entirely sure why... but it irritates me greatly because I wish I were perfect.

Oh no, Dave has had a bad day too. I hope we don't have an argument. Or feel unappreciated at each other. It could only end in extreme grouchiness and then apologies... by text... and I seriously have to cut back on my texting.
What an odd thought to have.

I've fallen in love with this song... it's called Calliope, and it's beautiful, and it's here. The guy who wrote it, well, I've met him all of three times, but he's really nice and we get on pretty well. He was asking me about myself, and I mentioned that I write poetry... so he asked if I write epic poetry. Heh. It didn't occur to me at the time that it was a slightly unusual question, nobody really writes epic poetry any more... maybe I should try.
Anyway, he randomly found me on myspace and I found these songs he'd written... and one of them, Calliope, enthrals me. Calliope is the chief muse of Greek mythology (I love Greek mythology so much), the muse of epic poetry. I thought that was interesting. Why did he ask me... what was he trying to find out really?
And why write a song about Calliope in the first place? Three or four of the muses have some connection to music, but not her.

Sorry Deev, looks like I really don't have the guts. :( Shame on me.


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