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Wednesday, 7 February 2007

My musings, my muse

I'm having a true creative splurge at the moment, the past couple of days have been really good for that... I think it's the music. I've been listening to local unsigned artists / groups who've put their music on myspace. If you've never tried this, I recommend it, you find some amazing stuff! So yeah, I've been playing these random songs by people I might conceivably meet one day, and it's inspiring me to write shedloads of poetry. Woo for that.

So, basically, you might be seeing more entries on my other blog (<---- see link at the side) than this one.

And, just because I'm a language geek, here are other words derived from the Greek muses.

Amuse, bemuse, music, museum, moustache.
Maybe not so much that last one.


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