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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Trouble with MSN

No, it's not broken (for once). I'm having serious problems going on MSN just because of the stress! I got to a point about a month ago where the noise it makes when someone says something would set my teeth on edge really badly, so I change it to a much softer "dee-doo" sort of noise, which worked for a while, but now again I'm finding it very difficult to go on MSN. I would love to talk to all the people on there, but one at a time would be ideal. I'd like to be able to have a thoughtful conversation, giving them a fair amount of attention and finding out more about them. Instead I find myself skipping between three people and the thing I was trying to do originally, giving none of them the attention they deserve.

So, if any of you have been wondering, that's why I haven't been online much lately. The constant "dee-doo" was getting too much for me.


  1. I know exactly how you feel, you feel bad when someone messages you and all the other windows are flashing away not being read. Its much nicer when your talking to people 1 on 1 and having the time to think about what they say and what you’ll say back.

  2. i don't get this as much because i rarely go on msn at all, mostly just when anna's online.
    so i never really get too many people talking to me at once - although i can see this changing when i leave home.

    the solution is for phone bills to become much cheaper. that way you can talk one-on-one to your friend without having the guilt of ignoring loads of other people.

  3. the solution is for you to move to the island, davey boy!

  4. you could just turn the noise off?

    or block people?

    or put yourself as busy and only talk to people you want to, the only downside is you have to spend the first 5 minutes saying 'i really cant talk, i'm doing homework' to everyone else.

    i used to be on msn loads but now i'm not as much. i'm online ALOT but i can watch who's online and who's not and choose when i come on!

  5. or you could come to the mainland?

    i also choose when to come online and when to hide.


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