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Friday, 2 March 2007

Flu away

Well, my 'flu' moment appears to have passed, as of this morning. So that was about 16 hours of flu. That's PATHETIC.

You remember a while ago I had an irritating twitchy eyebrow?

I now have, believe it or not, a torn ligament in my big toe. I'm pretty sure of it. I recognise the feeling from when I used to do the same to my ankle. So it hurts to walk, but I'd be far too embarrassed to tell people.

Not to mention the rather acute pain in my ear that I felt today; which was, in my childhood, an indication that my eardrum was about to burst. That passed before too long, fortunately.

So my question is this: WHY oh WHY do I appear to get the most embarassingly pathetic ailments and afflictions known to man?

I don't generally wander around being a drama queen (I haven't taken a sick day since I started working for YFC). Last night's entry was (I swear it) a one off. Oh, and tonight is a one-off too.

But if I can't whinge about trivial, insignificant pains on my own blog - well where can I?

Not that I haven't been talking to some people about it. It's all very well parading around being stoical, but when people have been noticing me clutching various parts of my anatomy all day, it might prompt a little explanation.

And when explaining, it's very difficult not to let out a little whinge.



  1. you're allowed to whinge every now and then. not whinging simply leads you to feel unappreciated.
    so whinge away!
    and while you're at it, reply to my e-mail. :P

    i hope you start recovering from these various pains soon. :)

  2. i also have these random weird pains. last sunday i had a weird booming in my ear for 3 hours. i seem to have a different muscle twitching in my leg each week.

    these are outside of the normal illnesses i seem to get alot. my mum thinks it might be a psychosomatic response to stress though so not alot i can do about it.

    anyway, feel free to ramble and winge on your blog, it is what is it for!

  3. well, if it's stress related you could always work with God on lowering your stress levels.
    but yes, whinging all the day! :)

  4. Stress does do that, but that can't be my problem... I seriously have the most unstressed life ever :) That said, I do tend to obsess and turn neurotic every time I catch a bus on an unfamiliar route. I don't know why but that stresses me out more than anything else.

  5. My flu symptons usually last around 51 - 53 hours :)


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