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Monday, 19 March 2007

The Clusters Weekend Away-Day, and My Day Off

I am a very lucky person.

Over the past couple of weeks, it's just felt like I've had no spare time. No chance to just sit back and relax. The thing about youth work is that not only does the level of work fluctuate, it also expands to fit every available moment. So while there are some weeks (school holidays in particular) when there's nothing much to do, there are also weeks where I'll be out from early morning to late night with no real break in between. Mondays are the worst for me. I have to get up at 6 to go to a theology course on the mainland, and I don't stop going until 11.30pm when I get back from Soul Café.

But like I said, I'm a very lucky person. Dave (I've mentioned him before - he may even be reading this, so I'll try not to be too unstinting in my praise) is a very perceptive man, and he could see that things have been getting to me a bit lately. Possibly because I answered every sentence with "ARGH I WOULD but I DON'T have TIME!!!!!!"

That may or may not be exaggeration, I don't really remember to be honest.

So anyway, he made me take today off. So I said "Brilliant! Oh, except I should probably probably go to Soul Café."
And he said "No, take Monday off."
And I said "Actually, that's a good idea, it'll give me time to catch up on the essays."
And he said "No, forget the essays, take Monday off."

So today, I went to the cinema with my brother and sister. She's down from university for the weekend, and I wouldn't have got to see her otherwise, due to having been at the weekend away.

Oh yeah! The weekend away! It was brilliant, everyone had so much fun and they are the COOLEST people in the world ever. Really up for God. They didn't even have Issues, which was very nice of them indeed.

At the start of the weekend, Dave saw me wandering around with a camera and said "Oooh, are you going to take a picture of me for your blog then?" I think he was kidding.

If you want to see more photos I've taken lately, keep reading. If not, thanks for stopping by! x x

Cushions and slipper

A crucifix that looks eerily like there's someone still in there

The girl's toilet had the most awesome paint job ever!

Oh yeah, this one's cool - a hailstorm hit out of nowhere! Well, I say out of nowhere, it may have been the giant freaky brown cloud that did it.

If you want to see more, there's a link to my Flickr page to the left.

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  1. love the pics!
    glad you got to have a good weekend and a day off. :)
    hope to chat to you soon.


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