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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Lazy update

I just realised that I'm not updating very often. I thought it was because I haven't got anything interesting to write, but then I thought "Anna! What are you saying? When you do ever have anything interesting to write?" so here I am, updating for the sake of it.

I would like to give a special mention to Tony! Guys, Tony isn't happy at the moment so say nice things to him in the comments section.

I am listening to Dido on my new iPod and generally feeling quite happy and relaxed. I love my iPod. It's a blue 4gig nano that my sister bought for her birthday and then decided she didn't want after all, so I got it cheap. Fantastic!

Anyway, hope you're alright and that. Love x x


  1. hehe i never write about anything interesting either!
    thanks for all your help last night and today hun :) xxxxxxx

  2. the thing is to realise that whilst you think you've got nothing interesting to write, actually everybody loves reading it.
    the way i write my blog is i turn it into creative writing. i try to make each post unique by thinking up different things to say, different ways of saying it and generally trying to make it fun to read.

    + aren't the ipods great!
    seems you had the same deal as me - friend/sister didn't want their old 4gig nano, so we got them!
    love it. :)

    hey tony - prayers going your way!

  3. Yo...

    btw...why aint there a tagboard on ur bloggie?


    owells have fun bboxing!!!
    Gal bboxers are rare...

    SPITS BeaT. (:

  4. Tagboard? Good idea. I'll get that up.

    Yeah, I'm enjoying being rare to be honest ;)

    CHeers for dropping by x x


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