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Thursday, 1 March 2007

True blue flu?

As I write this, I'm curled up in bed wearing my VERY TRENDY and utterly warm YFC hoodie and jeans. The heating's on, my face is bright red, and I'm shaking like a student who forgot to hand their homework in to the Balrog, class 3b.

I blame Matthew.

You see, Matthew forgot his house key on Sunday night, so he slept in the garage. No, I don't know why. Let's be generous and say that he didn't want to wake his family. Anyway, I spend pretty much the whole of Monday with Matt most weeks, so he got increasingly shakey and achey and ill as the day progressed, and ended up wandering around East Cowes wearing my coat. And now, apparently, I've got it. Is it flu? I'm not sure how you tell.

Mostly though, I'm just gutted that tomorrow is supposed to be the day I babysit a cool little kid (roughly one and a half, I think). I was going to take him for a walk. I was going to get to know him better so that he would talk to me more. Whereas now, all I would be able to do is sit down on a bench somewhere and put him at a suitable distance so that I won't infect him, but he won't be kidnapped either. This is A Bad Thing.

Here's hoping I recover by tomorrow. That or die, I hear they have a strict no-flu policy in heaven.

I'm watching a youtube video (very slowly and in instalments because of my rubbish laptop) that's making me cry. I'd embed it here, but it seems wrong somehow; the ultimate in schadenfreude (enjoying another's pain, like in Jackass). Generally I'm not keen on German, but we just don't have an equivalent.

1 comment:

  1. "sadism" is the closest we've got, i think.
    unless ben can find a better word for it.

    the hoodie and jeans combo sounds so huggable. :)
    i'll pray for you that you feel better real soon!
    keep smiling, stay happy, and infect the kid with your joy instead of your flu.


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