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Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Everyone's unique. Everyone has something to offer, talents and gifts that they can use to enrich other people's lives. I believe this. But at the same time I wonder if I've got anything to say that couldn't be said better, briefer, funnier by someone else. At the same time I wonder if someone could be rendered useless by an injury, or a birth defect, or simply growing old.

I don't like these uncomfortable thoughts.

I have a lot to offer, I think. I have words and smiles and hugs to encourage and comfort. I have poetry to challenge, or reassure, or amuse. And when all else fails, I have hands to move chairs with. There always needs to be someone to move chairs. I could receive a brain injury tomorrow that would rob me of all of this, but for now I have a purpose in this world.


  1. Its kind of depressing isn’t it, all that we have and have potential to get can be ruined or changed so dramatically within seconds and not always by our own hand. It’s nearly a certainty that there will always be people better than you at things but don’t let it put you off, let it inspire and motivate you to improve and develop. If there was no one to aspire to no one would try, no one would have hopes and dreams.

    Anyway that’s enough procrastination for me back to the college work -_-

  2. Strangely, I don't find it depressing. But I'm not sure why. Maybe it's something to do with the fact that I know if I did lose it all tomorrow, God would still have a purpose for me. My life has a purpose for as long as I live. Now I've just got to find out what, and how to do it right!

  3. I guess it can be helpful to distinguish between purpose and value. Your value does not depend on your capacity to achieve the purposes you or anyone else sets. God's love for example has been set on us simply because He loves us, not because of our potential - either posative or negative.

    At the same time, purpose is there for us, under God's hand to find, pursue and enjoy. I'm finding increasing delight in the primary purpose of knowing Christ. All the other sub-plots serve this overarching thing. This is so no matter what I lose, how I fail, what success I enjoy, etc. Setting out on being a Dad, I feel I really need that central identity in Christ. Its more about Him and His sufficiency than me and my plans, abilities, etc.

    Of course, God does get us doin' eternally lasting exploits .. so that is very cool.

  4. that's some very helpful and encouraging advice! :)

  5. He's a very helpful and encouraging man :) thanks, Hugh, you're really a legend! Hope all's well with you and mum-to-be, drop by again! x


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