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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Being followed by a Brown-Eyed Girl

-Written a couple of days ago, with a half-hearted attempt to change the tense this morning.-

Since I am a born Englishwoman, I have the power to dub things. Didn't know that, did you. Not like actual Lords-and-Ladies type stuff, just regular dubbing.

So by the power vested in me by my birthright, I officially dub my laptop a pain in the arse.

It's been a bit squiffy for a long time now, complaining of hardware malfunctions, or just randomly freezing and throwing up wierd scrolling colours to entertain me while I have a nervous breakdown, but now it's gone too far.

I can't connect to the internet. This is a PROBLEM for me, and I have to get it sorted while the darn thing's still under warrantee, so there's a very real possibility I'll be online a lot less for a while. Even posting this up requires stealing a few precious minutes of internet time from my host family's computer, which I'm sure they're fine with, but... meh.

Aside from that though, I've had a fairly ok-ish weekend. I spent most of Sunday morning staring at the back of Chris' head. Which was fine, I really didn't mind, but it made for a bit of a distraction from the old Lord because I was singing Brown Eyed Girl in my head. (Yes, there is a connection.) Later that day I went shopping with my family in Currys, where - Lo and verily behold - the sound system starts blaring out Brown Eyed Girl. Gahhhhh. I'm sure I've said before that my life is, at times, very coincidenceful. (Some people - ok, one person - mocks me for this, he thinks I read too much into things.)

Somebody I don't know (met her once, I think) died, apparently. I'm never very sure how to respond to news like that. I should be sad, and of course I am, but am I just making myself sad to avoid feeling guilty for not caring? Or am I genuinely sad, but in a detached, I-won't-miss-them sort of a way? And does it make me a terrible person to say this, or am I not expected to care about everyone? I don't know. But mostly I think I'm sad that it's upsetting people I care about. I hope that's ok.

I should stop thinking so much, really, as it's past 11pm (at time of writing anyway) and I have an early start tomorrow (Monday, so that tomorrow is yesterday).

Well, I'm confused. G'night. x


  1. good to see you can soldier on with the blog despite the lack of internet. it's a credit to your geekness.
    i have noticed though that since you've vanished, my blog's comments have dropped dramatically, which leads me to the conclusion that you're a trend setter, and if you don't comment on something, it's obviously not cool enough to be commented on.

    loved the entry. :)
    keep up the dubbing.
    miss ya.

  2. Oh no! I fail! Right, I'll get to your blog now. We cn't have all your interwebscred disappearing now can we. ;) x

  3. i totally believe in those weird coincidences...i dont believe in fate of course. but when you connect a song to someone and then hear it...its just weird!

    and about the person dying thing...i know how you feel. its not more difficult coz obviously if you knew the person well then you're gonna be soooo upset. but its a different kind of grief, coz you're not sure what you should be feeling...or if you should be feeling anything at all!

  4. Exactly. Thanks for understanding. This whole thing has been a lot harder for some of my friends who knew her well.

    x x


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