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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Recovering from Christmas

Christmas was wonderful! Gavin got on GREAT with my family, made friends for life in my younger siblings, made a great impression and so forth. I loved getting to know his friends and family; his parents gave me an utterly gorgeous scarf that I've fallen in love with. It's soft and purple and has spangly bits! Success!

This is Gavin and his mate John wearing their stylish yet practical rain ponchos. I was offered one, but unwisely decided that it wasn't worth the embarrassment. I arrived at the pub absolutely drenched, and it's therefore most likely my fault that everyone in the world has a cold. *coughs pathetically*

It was wonderful though, I got to see my boy's old school. We saw I Am Legend at the cinema (very good), and the Darjeeling Limited (also very good).

New year's was similarly splendid, had a great time in Cardiff, aside from the, you know, DYING. I feel terrible for making my boy ill, but there you go, it was preferable to isolating me in a germ-proof bubble! That would have been lame.

This is what I bought him for Christmas - a t-qualizer, they're called. Very ace indeed!
As for what he got me... that deserves its own entry. I'll tell you later, if you're good.

I'm now back home with my family for a few days to recover from the festive season.

I hope you've all had a wonderful time with your loved ones, sorry I've been so terrible at updating! Must try harder.


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