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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Little Book of Little Gavin Stories

"As for what he got me... that deserves its own entry. I'll tell you later, if you're good."

High time I told you what it actually was, really. Here are some pictures of the absolutely beautiful book my boy made.

The Title Page

One of the secrets :) He hid things under some of the stories.

There was ribbon, bubblewrap, stickers and gems... lots of lovely feelies!

Photos from his childhood, promotional material from various bands and gigs he was involved in...

And some of my poems that he combined with photos I've taken.

That's just some of the less personal stuff. I got properly emotional when I opened it, it's absolutely the best present he could possibly have got me. It took him three days of careful scrapbooking, and it's absolutely a treasured possession now... beautiful.


  1. Brownie points.

    I has them.


  2. I wish brownie points were exhangable for real brownies.

    And that is so adorable ^^. I did something like that for my girl once, it was basically an illustrated poem-book with a long poem I'd written for our anniversary.

    Creativity ftw?

  3. Hey Anna.

    I've just read Gavin's poem/prayer and checked out the book prezzie.
    You're in tow with a good man. Much respect, Gav!

    I can't remember if you've read the poem by Teilhard de Chardin that my blog's named afer. It's the second entry. If not, have a look. I think it might speak into where you are just now.



    PS - Speaking as a man of some life experience, Gav's behaviour strikes me as a sure sign of LOVE!

    When Rosie was studying for her finals I rode round late one night to her home and threw pebbles at her upstairs window to get her attention. (Didn't know how late her folk stayed up and didn't want to ring doorbell). Nothing happened. Same again. Nothing happened. Next thing, her Dad emerges from house with a dangerous look on his face. She'd come down the stairs and told them some pervert was throwing stones at her window and she was really spooked. Ah me, the course of true love..... ;-)

  4. *grins*

    I know how lucky I am. He never believes me when I tell him, but he's a good man, and I love him. <3

    Thanks for the kind words, FBL, it means a lot :)


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