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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Back troubles and spiritual stuff

I should be writing my essay.
I know, I know, I'm always writing an essay when I blog... this is one of my preferred procrastination methods. I'll get back to work in a minute.

I'm back at university, and very pensive. Things have drifted a bit with God and I'm trying to put my finger on why... the one thing that has been brought to my attention is that it's absolutely crucial I get it sorted.

Last night was a bit of an odd one... I was worried sick about my boy because he's got a bad back. It completely threw me off. I was being asked some difficult questions (by him, by myself), and one of them was "Why aren't you relying on God?"
Truth is, He isn't the support to me He used to be.

It's only temporary (it better be!) but it's difficult. I miss Him. And Spring and Summer won't be nearly as awesome if I don't have someone to thank. It's sad, I spent so much time wishing I had someone to share it all with, and now that I have I'm forgetting to share it with the one who made it all.

So, if you're that way inclined, pray for me and my boy. If you're not, thanks for reading.


  1. I shall pray for you and your boy.

    During Spring/Summer, understand that you are immersing yourself in God (the way I see it anyway :) ), be thankful, but be connected with (what I believe God to be) everything all around you and its beauty.

    It's completely understandable that God seems to have been slightly 'pushed aside' now that you're with Gav. Maybe you need to find new ways of connecting with God? Be pro-active in your relationship and I'm sure you'll rekindle things soon.

  2. You are most wisdomous. I'm sure if I get my act together I'll find myself back in tune with Him in no time :) thanks!

  3. Here is a prayer I've written about how I feel about this. Anna, you're God's, everything about you says that to me, and I know He loves you more than I ever could. I'll support you in all things as best I can.

    Dear Father,

    Thank you so much for Anna

    First she is Yours, before ever she could be mine,
    She's Your child, your daughter, apple of your eye
    So we welcome our Father, we rope of three chords,
    That we may be stronger together, belong to the Lord

    May You order her precious steps, guard her unsullied heart,
    Protect her from evil that would tear her apart,
    May she look to You twice as she looks once to me,
    As you fill her with wisdom, love and purity

    May I be not a millstone around her tied,
    Never a stumbling block or a problem in life,
    Instead please grant this that a true man I can be,
    Supporting my loved one, praying incessently

    And Father we love you, though we don't do what we ought
    We're rebellious and wilful, with unruly thought,
    Yet deep in our hearts, in places touched by You,
    Something lives to seek you out, longing to do what you do

    "Complete us, Oh Lord", with creation we groan,
    Fill us with love to make Your name known
    Let our actions be kind, patient and true
    And our every drawn breath be pointing to you

    With love, Amen

  4. I love you so much, hero x x x <3

  5. i'm praying for you anna :)
    don't get discouraged, be honest with God about how you are feeling. it'll help you both work through it.
    muchly love xxxx

  6. Hi, I don't know you at all, but this post reminded me of me a few years ago, trying to get the right balance between spending time with God and with this bloke he had sent me and to be honest we've been married for three eyars and sometimes it's still really tricky. Hang in there and you will work out your way of staying close to God and loving your boy at the smae time.

    The most important thing is really clear to me you both love God and want to put him first and he will honour that. Really touched by your blokes prayer - impressive. Hannah

  7. Thank you very much! I'm sure it'll be difficult at times to remember that he isn't the centre of my universe, but he's very, very worth it :)


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