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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Shouting at a train and chasing universities

Can somebody please tell me why everything has to be so frikkin' hard?!?!

Those of you who know me from pre-gap year times will know how much trouble I have galvanising myself to do anything constructive. Those of you who know me from post-gap year times, and especially the past couple of weeks, will know how much I've been striving to kick myself out of that groove and get some things done.

I've been writing emails about late trains and university transfers, buying books I need for my course, doing university work, collecting coursework from university, getting my umbrella from lost property, buying food and eating healthily, etc, etc, etc...

And it feels like I haven't made a DENT. The train company isn't having any of it, which is utterly ridiculous as they've said themselves I'm entitled to compensation. I can't get into Cardiff university, making the future once again a very scary and uncertain place. I still need to do loads more reading, I'm feeling absolutely exhausted as I always do when I've been crying, and I just want to be home with my boy.

Stupid crappy real world getting in the way of cuddles. I feel like this kitty.

So, I'm going through the ever-wonderful UCAS system again, and remembering why it made me want to gnaw my own face off in frustration last time. But I'm also realising that I've grown a lot since then. Instead of putting it to the back of my mind and stalling for as long as I can, I'm gritting my teeth and refusing to be such an all-out lamer.

This will not defeat me, I will move to Cardiff, and I have emailed First Great Western saying "excuse me, what do you think you're playing at." Not in so many words.

Character development FTW :)

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  1. Keep your head up Anna

    You can do all things through Him who strengthens you. And I will also help by being sympathetic. Mostly. And bullying you when you need it.

    Tackling things head-on takes courage. Putting them out of your mind will gnaw at you. I'm proud of you.


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