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Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I've been learning html lately, using these oh-so-handy tutorials, and it's going well for me. It reassures me to know that I can learn something entirely new to me, something that might conceivably be useful one day. And I'll be honest, I do really, genuinely enjoy it!

I had my suspicions when my boy started teaching me the occasional bit of techie info, and I'd actually remember it, understand it, and be able to apply it to other techie things the next day. So I've started educating myself in the hopes of working up to CSS and making my blog a bit more unique, a bit more presentable. There are some very attractive blogs out there and I think mine feels left out.

Interesting thing of the day: Crackbook. Click around, it's a reet laff.


  1. CSS is a doddle, you'll be fine :D.
    If you really want to impress boy with tech stuff, read everyday. That's how I get my tech fill :)

  2. I need to learn html soon since I'm planning on making myself a decent website soon.
    It can't be that hard, surely?

  3. Now that is a social networking site I can relate to.

    HTML is a doddle. Javascript is more headachey. Don't whatever you do believe that by preparing something in Word and choosing "save as HTML" you are creating a web page. You are not. You are creating an abomination, the Beast, Abaddon, the Unholiest of Unholies, and it makes baby Jesus cry.

  4. You really enjoy it? Pop round when you're proficient, I may have a job for you.

  5. Firebug. It is a thing of wonder.

    Generally, I develop to standards, then worry about IE mangling it later.

    Pure CSS layouts are more powerful than tables, and generally generate cleaner, more semantic code. Takes a while to learn; just learn it in bits and play with it. Firebug is your friend - you can tweak it live without needing to refresh!

    Don't worry Ben, she won't use Word. She knows it would be worse for her than the time I found out she was using Internet Explorer and gave her a "stern talking to"!



  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    I was using IE under duress, it being somebody else's pc. Firefox has been my favourite browser ever since I was introduced to it!

    CSS is haaaard :( I keep meaning to get stuck in to learning it but life has thrown so much other stuff in my way that it feels like the wrong time to start. Oh well, it'll happen.

    Gorilla, welcome to my blog! What did you have in mind?

  8. Just a little tweaking of my blog template. Let me know if you intend to switch to haloscan.


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