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Friday, 21 December 2007


HAS MY BOY! Ok I know, lame and gay, but it's very exciting for me. Although admittedly offputting that he's watching me type this. Which is funny because the other day I was thinking how great this very thing would BE clearly I am psychic. I know, no punctuation, no coherent thought and no real effort put into this one - tis the season. Happy Christmas all!

Also, we decorated the tree a couple of hours ago (how atrociously slack of us). It looks about as merry as a bunch of plastic covered in tinsel and lights can possibly look. Which is very.

EDIT: Hello, this is Anna's "boy". I have a name, and it is Gav. It's quite a nice name, certainly it is in the view of my parents, who gave it to me, but Anna thinks that "boy" suffices, despite my being several years her senior. I picked her up along with my Ferrari Testerossa and custom made golf clubs (NOTE: not true. Rumours of a mid life crisis are exaggerated).

Aaaanyway, here I sit in the house of her family. I got to meet two of her eighteen sisters and her brother, they're all apparently what Roast Beef would describe as "good people, pretty much". We did indeed decorate the tree, which I actually found rather touching.

I've behaved myself so far. I haven't done a sick on the floor!!!!!


  1. Hey guys -

    Home for Christmas!

    Gav/the boy - this is taking on "Meet the Fokkers" overtones. Have you been subjected to the polygraph test yet?!

    Have a great time together over the *two-month* student holidays... (or something like that)

    Yours enviously


  2. I'm always referred to as 'boy'...

  3. Your boy is lame and gay? How understanding of you.

  4. aww christmas with your boy sounds fun, glad you had a good time :) we need a serious catch-up of our old club!
    much love miss anna xxx

  5. Hello Anna and Boy. Hope you had a great Christmas.


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