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Monday, 3 December 2007

Bristol and such!

I was standing in Bristol in the pouring rain, in a circle of people I've met once or not at all (and one I know almost as well as myself), making odd noises with my mouth. And just as I started to get privately proud of my bass sounds (pretty deep for a lass, I think), I suddenly thought "I wonder what Nana would think of all this."
My mum's mother died years ago, when I was about eleven I think, and sometimes I regret that I never really knew her. Don't get me wrong, we weren't estranged; after my parents, she's probably the person my siblings and I spent most of our formative years with; but to be completely honest I didn't realise until I was about 12 that adults were more than just a complicated combination of times I got my way and times I didn't. As a result, my impression of her is one of a very genteel and caring woman whose house had Rules, and I haven't got the faintest idea what she would think of things.
I think she wouldn't approve that I keep dropping my T's. Even I don't approve of that.As for beatboxing, would she be completely baffled at what I saw in it, or would she want to know all about it? I wouldn't fancy trying to persuade her that it's ok to meet a group of strange men from the internet, but in this case (NOT in all cases, it is important to feel safe) I knew it was a good idea.I know she'd be thrilled about Gavin. she'd absolutely LOVE him, which is a wonderful thing to realise actually.
The beatboxing jam was amazing though, I'm so glad I went! I'd genuinely missed a few of those guys, and was very glad to meet the others, and i was NOT LAME and actually did some beatboxing (very quietly!) which is Most Pleasing and earned me a pack of peanut M&Ms that I shared. Bribery FTW.
The rest of the night consisted mainly of pubbing with the lads, cuddling my boy, hurting my poor little ankle, deciding going back to Plymouth would be ass, and going to Cardiff instead. So I actually came back on Sunday. Four hours of travel, two changes, over an hour on a packed bus, and then I had to walk back to the house on the aforementioned poor little ankle.
The best thing about this weekend is that no matter what happens from here, I have memories that I know are going to bring me a lot of joy and will stay with me forever.


  1. I think she would be baffled but approve if you enjoyed it. This is said from all of 2 years more experience than you, and considering that I was too scared to ever visit her without Naomi in case I ran out of things to say... I do still miss her, and wish I'd been a bit more mature and actually talked to her.

    I don't think dada would have understood at all! x

  2. My Grandma understands my beatboxing. Sort of. I think. Well, she smiles and gives me peppermints, so that's just as good :)

    Great post Anna, really well written, I love the comment about pushing adults' buttons.

    I'm so glad you had a good weekend, I did too, and I got to have sushi across a table from the most delightful lady I ever met :)

    You deserve every luscious peanut M&M, you were Not Lame and so Tony and I didn't need to tickle you and throw you in the fountain. We wouldn't have done it really. Maybe I'd have powerbombed TONY into the fountain, THEN you'd have felt guilty and that would have been in some ways worse, and most importantly of all, I would have Won That One :)


    Do you see?

    I made that up. I'm not sure if it's funny or not, but I'm going to pretend that it's Super-Clever and anyone who doesn't laugh is in some way deficient.

  3. He would have done. He told me so. He was like "if she doesn't beatbox, you're getting your back broke fool". Then he laughed maniacally at me.

    I was frightened :(

    -FT xxx

  4. Aww, I love you, you are my friends. Judi, I think you're right; I was slightly frightened too but I'll be a lot more mature next time I see her :)

    Gav, that would have been far worse! If I had caused Tony to be travelling home all cold and soaked and such, I would have had to kill myself or something. Then you would lose the guilt-war, and I'd be dead but smug.

    Also, I don't get it.

    Tony, shhh, shhh, it's ok *hugs*


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